Monday, June 15, 2009

Inner City News

No, not that kind of inner city news. The Inner City All-Star Game, which is apparently a real thing. An anonymous commenter supplies some info:

Not the place for this but...
Royce White was named the MVP of the inner city all star game this evening. 20-5-4 or something similar. I still think he will be BTFOY; he is a man among boys at the HS level.

The dunk contest was a disappointment, but RWJR's 2 attempts from outside the foul line and his 3 attempts with a 360 from 2 steps inside the line were very impressive!!! Rodney takes home the crown over; dylan hale (texas state), cedric martin (JUCO), and Royce White.

Raymond Cowles (santa clara) was lights out from 3 to take home the 3 point contest.

After talking to numerous HS coaches tonight everyone seems to be in agreement that RWJR will not see much time next year unless he really adds some muscle and buys into defense and effort! Exciting raw bball player, and will be fun to watch in the years to come!

Teams with multiple participants (-): Hopkins (3), Cooper (2), Washburn (2) Johnson (2), Spring Lake Park (2)


Thanks Anonymous. You know what they say about journalists trusting anonymous sources, so good thing I'm not one and can take this as gospel.


Anonymous said...

I am as reliable as they come :). Not that it truely matters, but; st bernards also had 2 participants. One being jordair jett who would look great at the U if he gets his academics in order after a year or 2 at his juco of choice.

WWWWWW said...

His name is seriously Jordair? Wow.

Anonymous said...

ha-ha, yes it is. but he is a very very very good player, but the
12ish on the ACT may be cause for some concern.

Anonymous said...

Pulley Pro Am starts up on monday.

Can't find a better deal in town, good free basketball and a fun atmosphere!

It's always fun to see the old/current/incoming gophers on the court. And always exciting when the 'big names' show up for the night unexpectedly (troy bell, hassle -amazing how good he looks agaist college kids and europros-,same goes for T-Hud, ike, sam jacobson, quincy) but the show stopper is always el-amin he is still amazing, and it boggles my mind how he and troy are/were not in the league!

Anonymous said...

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