Friday, November 14, 2008

Super Sioux Fan is Back

So to wash the taste of an 0-2 basketball betting start out of my mouth, I thought we should talk some puck. Since Snake stopped writing because he's too busy killing animals and The Todd can't afford a television, I've been reduced to getting my hockey posts from Super Sioux Fan, aka Mama Dawger. Won't someone else step in? Do it for the Gophers. Do it for America. Do it for the non-racists of the world. Do it for the English language. Here we go, unedited as always

"Epic".......? Hockey
Yeah so I 'was' officially kicked off the blog by Dawg but since he is not the boss of me (and WWW's wont shut up about it) here is a sweet post.

So it is pretty hard to be a Sioux fan right now, more like embarrassing. But I trudge on hoping that Kangas on day soon decides he likes the colors green and pink better then marroon and gold (gayest colors ever).
Or we pick up a juniors goalie soon, either way SOMETHING needs to be done.

UND plays Anchorage this weekend and Minnesota takes on Mich. Tech, which should be a blood bath.
I will again be happy if we can manage a split, which is a shame because Anchorage Fing blows. They blow harder then Lucia during PRIDE weekend....this is a fact.
As of today Minnesota is #1 in the WCHA and ND is in an impressive aka embarrasing 3 way tie for 5th place.
I think someone needs to remind Ryan Duncan that he is a God Damn Hoby Baker Winner.

I have been contimplating going down to the Park Tavern when Lucia is doing his little show and just poppin him. Just punch him straight in the mouth....seriously the dude looks like he should be hanging out in his mom's basement looking at kiddy porn, and asking his mom where the Fing Meatloaf is. But I guess we cant all be as classy as my boy Hakstol now can we?

It is a shame we only play each other once this year....thankfully it will be in GF (where they actually serve booze) because.........well because it is Grand Forks. Me and Dawg wore our appropriate jerseys (me in sioux-with my name on it Thank you very much, and Dawg in my brothers, BO smelling hand me down) and somehow the tickets snake got us were in the nose bleed section among all the gopher fans. Somehow they all ended up in 1 single section. Well lets just say they were NOT fans of me.....It may or may not have been that I was Obnoxious, Drunk...Very Drunk, and almost fell to my death and took a slew of gopher fans with me. It was pretty amazing if you ask me.
Dawg got sick from some jalepeno rolls (you know all that "spicy" food in North Dakota). Can you say "buzz kill"......
But it ended with Snake almost getting beat up my some happy/angry Sioux Fans at the greatest restaurant on earth...Suite 49.
All in all it was a good weekend......for me and my boys.

Well not much more to say other then GO SIOUX and SUCK IT DAWG, I do what I want.

And I STILL want that apology or else..............


Thanks Sioux Fan. Naturally, the picture above is from her and is apparently of some 14 year old I've never heard of dressed up like a hockey player for halloween. I think the most disturbing thing from that entire rant, worse than the grammar on the level of Eazy-E, is that Sioux Fan here has a jersey with her own name on the back. I guess that's to be expected.

And I assume you want gambling picks, since I'm so awesome so here you go

Rutgers -10 vs. Marist
Jacksonville State +22 @ South Carolina
SE Missouri State +26 @ New Mexico
Georgia State -1.5 vs. Bowling Green
Western Michigan -8 vs. TCU
SMU +11 @ South Florida


mama said...

I dont know who the bigger Dick is.....WWWW or Dawg?????

The todd said...

You know who else has a jersey with their own name on it?

KLING...what a douche!

sioux fan said...

It isnt that is an authentic jersey. That is why it is so BIG also.

snacks said...

I'm confused. She writes as if the Gophers and ND are yet to play this year, but then tells about going to the game in the past tense. Was that a story of last year, or did they already play this year? WWWWW, I demand some editorial review from now on.

Sioux fan said...

That was from last year.....if you knew anything about hockey snacks you would know that they dont play each other until Jan.

Tiffany said...

Moma dawger hates the gophers so bad that she and the family are going to the Gophers vs Tech game this saturday. Bandwagon! Dawger are you watching the The Ohio State football game after the hockey game? Also, rumor has it moma dawgers jersey is the one that stinks of BO.

Also, Moma Sioux Fan forgot to mention she also personalized her own number on that jersey. That would make her a Capital Douche!

Anonymous said...

Is this post written in jest or is this person seriously carrying a on a life with a third grade education?(I apologize if this is a third grader) Obviously she is married to, dating or is the sister of a regular of the blog so I won’t judge too harshly but seriously the writing just makes her seem retarded.

**This is not sarcasm or an attempt to be funny, it is a serious question.**

snacks said...

sioux fan, no, I don't know anything about hockey. I get all my hockey information from DWG. And now that Snake/Tiffany isn't writing any more (lazy bastard), I don't get any actual real information at all.

Please tell me her personalized number isn't 69. That would be the ultimate trifecta of douchebagness!

Dawg said...

Anonymous - She is a product of the North Dakotan education system and can't help it. The teachers mail it in because 90% of the city's population works on a beet farm or in a french fry factory.

With that said, maybe you should worry about contributing something to this blog other then stating the obvious. By attempting to hit that softball makes you appear retarded and unimaginative.

Anonymous said...

You even admitted she sounds retarded so why the cheap shot?

Anonymous said...

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