Saturday, November 1, 2008

Transfer News

In news that I was completely unaware of, Bryce Webster is now going to play at Cal State Fullerton starting next season.

After transferring from the Gophers, he had agreed to play at Utah State and that was the last news I had heard. I stumbled across the linked article, which says that the assistant coach who Webster wanted to play for at Utah State left to coach at Santa Clara, and Webster backed out of his commitment and has been playing at Irvine Valley Community College. He will sign his official letter of intent in the fall signing period (November) and begin play for the UC-F Titans in 2009-2010.

In other transfer news that I wasn't aware of, it appears Brandon Smith will not be playing for TCU this season. Based on the timing of his transfer last year, he should be eligible, but is not listed on their roster, either on their own site or ESPN or anywhere, and is not mentioned in TCU's own season preview. I can't find any mention of what may have happened anywhere, and there is no listing for him with another team out there. There is no news on him even on TCU's website. The only thing I could find was from this thread on a TCU message board. Not a ton of info, but this "Heard he was coming back but no one has seen him on campus" is the closest thing I found to any actual information. Anyone know anything?

Since we're on transfers and I'm sure you're wondering, Limar Wilson has used up his eligibility after playing last season at Tarleton State University. He averaged 6 points and 3 assists per game, starting 26 of their 31 contests. He still couldn't shoot, hitting 25% from three and 40% overall. I think Engen Nurumbi is still at Grand Canyon State. I don't really know because their website won't work. I'll be sure to keep you posted.