Monday, November 24, 2008

Game Notes

From time to time, I like to give some observations from various games I watch in the evenings. Half to inform, half as my own personal note pad. Feel free to enjoy. Or to ignore. I really don't care.

- Eric Devendorf still looks pretty lost out there. Maybe he was just never that good.

- Florida is really struggling against the stronger front court of Syracuse. With Onuaku and Paul Harris they have some serious muscle in the paint. The Gators are getting pushed around like little girls, and it looks like this has the potential to an issue all season, as with Speights gone they don't really have anyone with any beef. Keep this in mind for any future betting endeavors.

- Greg Camarillo out for the year??!?!?!! Oh noes!!!!!!1

- Jon Diebler looks like a whole new player for the Buckeyes. If you recall, last season he couldn't seem to hit anything from the outside and looked a little timid at times. This year he has much more confidence in his jumper, and it's translating into more confidence in all areas of his game.

- Ohio State having all kinds of trouble with Bowling Green, who has all their players back but from suspension, but, I mean, it's still Bowling Green.

- Why do shows insist on having laugh tracks? I'm now watching The Big Bang Theory with Mrs. W, and it's a pretty decent show with plenty of nerd jokes, but the laugh track is completely disturbing. The level of laughs seems to have a completely random correlation to the humorousness of the jokes, and there is some clearly insane lady (or it could be the joker) whose laugh dominates the track, and it's breaking my ear drums and brain.

- I was going to stay up and watch Alabama/Oregon but then I remembered that both of those teams suck and I'm tired and crabby so nevermind.