Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gophers v. EWU

Sitting here, hoping Mrs. W stops talking about baby clothes some time soon, and about to watch the mighty Gophers as I drink down a drink or two.

- Drink of choice tonight is a Vodka/Cranberry. I don't know why, I think I've maybe had one of these before in my life. I guess with tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I'm in a cranberry mood. Which is extra weird because I don't like cranberries, fresh or canned. The drink is pretty good though, and not at all girly or gay if mixed properly, where mixed properly = at least 50% vodka. I think I'm running at about 71% right now.

- Awesome how we're missing the game here in order to watch the end of a women's game, and a women's game that is a complete blowout with Mich State leading ODU 70-46. There are about 3 minutes left. I suppose it being a blow out is good, so then we don't have to wait through the fouling and free throws at the end. They better not start the Gopher game til this band of strumpets finishes up.

- We missed about 20 seconds, and according to announcer guy an Abu Shamala drive for a score as the Gophers lead 2-0. It really sucks we missed it, because Shamala scores on a drive about once a year.

- DJ with a three point play, followed up by the kid from the sandlot scoring against him. Bad defense.

- Iverson takes it right at a short bald guy who is trying to D him up, and shows more moves right there than Kevin Loge did in his career. Excellent footwork by Iverson, helped out by the four inch advantage he has on EWU's "center."

- I had heard Westbrook may be out with a shin injury tonight, and that is indeed the case unless the Gophers "need him." Although if the Gophers "need him" against EWU, they "need" a lot "more" than "just" Westbrook and it's going to "be" a long "season."

- Abu Shamala is reading the starting lineup in a bit that hope becomes a regular occurrence on Big Ten Network. He reads well for a muslim.

- I think Busta Rhymes just checked in for EWU. Also, I'm dismayed to mention that it's 9-9 right now. 11-9 now. Iverson looking very aggressive against the overmatched Eagles with 6 points already, and this is a very, very good development. Also a good development: salma Hayek's chest:

- Devoe from deep, deep three. Dude is so much the man. He might be my new boyfriend.

- Bostick hits a three, which is awesome and also at the same time makes me sad because the fact that Bostick hit a three against Eastern Washington is something I thought would be routine, not cause for a flippin' parade. It's 24-11 now, so we should see plenty of Bostick the rest of the game.

- Bostick hits another three, and he's just going to go ahead and "leave it up there" Sidney Deane style. I thought he was supposed to be some kind of slasher.

- Count how many times Travis Busch gets the ball at the three point line or closer to the hoop and actually passes the ball. Honest to god, I think he's worse than Kris Humphries when it comes to shot to touch ratio.

- Shamala just drove past a guy. Right past him. What does that tell you?

- Announcer guy just referenced 2 Hard 2 Guard and how he would probably be the leading scorer for the Eagles if he was here. Of course, he used his "white world" name that "the man" would recognize and didn't call him 2H2G. Racist bastard.

- Halftime: 47-29 and it's basically a call your score kind of night. The guard play actually hasn't swung as much in the Gophers' favor as I thought, but it hasn't had to as the big guys, and specifically Colt Iverson, have completed dominated EWU who I don't think has anybody over 6-5. Colt has recgonized this and used it to his advantage in a big way, scoring 14 here in the first half. I really like this kid. In other news, the Eagles are bad enough that we will get a long look at Bostick in the second half. So far he's been ok, knocking down a couple of jumpers and a breakaway dunk, but hasn't particularly impressed just yet. He's looked unsure of himself at times, and I think he looks at the ball when he dribbles, but he's definitely looking better than he has in the other games.

- Taking a break to watch Top Chef. Tivo is running. Drinking will continue.

- Nolen having more trouble than I anticipated guarding Valentine on the outside, but now that I've seen him in person that little midget is crazy quick. It doesn't matter much, as he just drives past the guy guarding him but seemingly has never heard of a pull up jumper so he keeps going into big guy land and has to throw up some dumb swoopy-woopy crap.

- The defense is really giving up too many open shots early in the second half, but the offense is getting nothing but easy shots on their end so the lead remains 16, but this poor defensive effort is troubling.

- Rico Tucker is back, by the way, as I'm sure you were all worried. He's played in their last three games, but the knee must still be bothering him quite a bit as he's only played 12-15 minutes per game. Hopefully he gets better so we can all be witness to the glory once again.

- Busch with a catch on the block and a shot. He never, ever passes. You watch.

- Busch with a catch in the paint and a shot. He never, ever passes. Start noticing.

- Ooh boy, Paul Carter looks to be in a considerable amount of pain, and is rolling around on the floor. This is not a good development.

- I think Trent Tucker has a crush on Benny Valentine, and why not? Seemingly nobody can guard him.

- I'm calling an end to this as I have no real energy left to keep doing it. For the rest of the game I'm expecting more points from Valentine, no passes from Busch, and a 20 point gopher win.