Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Signing Day Opinions

With today opening the signing period for college hoop, there are a whole bunch of opinions out there. With apologies to The Daily Gopher, let's take a look at this Golden NuggetsTM style.

- First off, From the Barn has the official press release. I have no doubt this can probably be found somewhere more "official" and "boring" but I don't feel like looking for it, and the From the Barn dude seems like a good egg, so here you go.

- King of the recruiting world,, ranks Tubby's 2009 class at #22 in the country, ranking Royce at #19 and Rod Will at #95. That puts them at #3 in the Big Ten for now, behind just Indiana and Illinois (What the hell?)

- ESPN's recruiting guru and definite Irishman Brendan Murphy didn't give rankings, but said, "The Minnesota Golden Gophers' 2009 recruiting class has to be an encouraging sign for Tubby Smith & Co. Smith was able to keep top-50 prospects Rodney Williams (New Hope, Minn./Robbinsdale Cooper) and Royce White (Minnetonka, Minn./Hopkins) in state, and get point guard Justin Cobbs (Torrance, Calif./Bishop Montgomery) to leave the West Coast."

- Staying with ESPN, during a chat with's Paul Biancardi (no relation to Buddy Biacalana, I checked) said, "I love Tubby's class. It's filled with athleticism, size and skill. This is a Top 20 class. I'd be very excited if I was a Gopher fan.

- Dave Telep of ranks the Gophers' class 11th, and calls Royce and Rodney the best two incoming freshman in the Big Ten right now.

- College Hoops Update ranks the Gophers' third in the Big Ten.

- Myron Medcalf gives out his grades to the incoming players. Justin Cobbs gets a B, Mbakwe a B+, Rodney an A- and Royce an A while Marcus Fuller of the Pioneer Press doesn't even break it down and just gives the whole class an A+.

I'm done now. This is exhausting, and I only looked at the main places. I have no idea how The Daily Gopher does this every day, and looking at infinitely more sites than I did. I have a new admiration for what goes on over there, unless they have a staff of 20. I also want to point out a site I found called Hoop Scoop Online. This is, without question and without peer, the most annoying site I've ever laid my eyes upon. Go ahead and click on it, I'll wait. Did your eyes explode? Mine nearly did but I looked away in time. And yes, I totally get that my site looked kind of similar for a short time today, but I changed it so no comparison is relevant and also shut up.

You want content? They rank classes all the way down to 6th graders. And guess what? It can all be yours for just $45 a month. A MONTH!!! Or you can get the discounted long-term membership for the low low price of just $499 for a whole year!!!! They need Billy Mays to sell this crap. Based on the web design, I wouldn't shell out $2 for this, even if they threw in two tubs of Oxi Clean and some Mighty Putty.


From the Barn said...

I wonder how much money you could make running a fake recruiting site. Is anyone really going to verify whether 7th grader Billy Edwards in Billings, Montana has good footwork for a gangly 6'2'' kid?

WWWWWW said...

That's brilliant. Let's do it.

WWWWWW said...

Although now that I think about it, it's probably already been done and that's how Monson found most of his recruits.

Anonymous said...

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