Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tubby signs his first Player

And it's point guard Nathen Garth out of Dallas. ranks him as the 40th best PG in his class, and Tubby started recruiting him when he was still at Kentucky, so at least he was good enough for Kentucky.

According to scout, he's quick with a good feel for the game (which I hope translates as "he's a true point guard" with a nice shot from outside. Sounds good.

Last season, Garth averaged 18pts and 9 assists per game. UCONN, Oklahoma, and Cal also offered to Garth, but he chose Minnesota, which is a really good sign that Tubby will be able to get quality recruits to come to the U.

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Theory said...

Wow. Way to go, Tubby. That's a pretty good sign that the first guy signed under Tubby turned down UConn, Oklahoma and Cal to come to the U of M.