Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This News is Shocking to Me!

As I mentioned previously, the Gophers' Dan Coleman and Spencer Tollackson put there names into the NBA Draft as early-entry candidates.

I have recently learned that somehow they were not invited to the NBA's Pre-Draft camp in Orlando, Florida, which began this week.


So you're telling me that Spencer and Coleman aren't among the top 100 or so prospects for the upcoming draft? They aren't even good enough to be alternates, along with JamesOn Curry, Joseph Jones, and Dominic James? I guess they aren't guarenteed to be drafted after all, and might want to consider pulling out before the June 18 deadline.

Seriously though, the fact that these two put their names in is either completely stupid or a pretty good joke.

I know that the theory is they put their names in to get more publicity, so people might pay attention to them and they might get drafted next season. That's just as ridiculous as thinking they'll get drafted this year. These guys are both mediocre players who wouldn't start for any Big Ten team other than Minnesota, Penn State, or Northwestern. So what's even the point. has profiles of both of them, and for both under NBA COMPARISON it says "N/A".

Sure, they might improve. But Coleman has had three years to get tougher, get stronger, learn to play defense inside, learn to play defense on the perimeter, and get a post-up game. He hasn't done any of them, so why start now? And Tollackson is basically a poor man's Jeff Hagen.

The other possibility is that they have always wanted to put their names in and know they have no shot but wanted to do it for fun.

If that's the case, I think it's pretty cool. But I doubt it.

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Paging Jim Shikenjanski said...

Tubby Smith told them to put their names in as a motivational tool, knowing they would not be drafted. It's been reported somewhere.