Sunday, May 6, 2007

I Was Wrong Here

So it's fun to look through the draft, so here's a list the player (first round pick) from each draft going back to 1993 who I thought would be a good pro, and instead they sucked.

1993: Calbert Cheaney, Indiana
1994: Cliff Rozier, Louisville
1995: Shawn Respert, Michigan St/Ed O'Bannon, UCLA (tie)
1996: Samaki Walker, Louisville
1997: Ron Mercer, Kentucky
1998: Michael Dickerson, Arizona
1999: Will Avery, Duke
2000: DerMarr Johnson, Cincinnati
2001: Joseph Forte, North Carolina
2002: Kareem Rush, Missouri
2003: Troy Bell, Boston College
2004: Luke Jackson, Oregon
2005: Antoine Wright, Texas A & M
2006: Ronnie Brewer, Arkansas

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