Friday, May 18, 2007

Tubby Hires Final Assistant

Tubby Smith hires his final assistant coach in former T-Wolves coach Vince Taylor. Yes, anyone associated with the Wolves is scary, but there's more. Taylor was an assistant at Louisville for seven years before joining the Wolves, including four under Rick Pitino, and was one of the top recruiters on the Louisville staff. He was extensive ties to Kentucky, Illinois, and overseas, due to playing over there for 13 seasons after graduating from Duke. Additionally, he has a son in high school in Minnesota.

He was instrumental in recruiting some pretty good players to Louisville, including Jerry Smith and Reece Gaines, so that's good. Seems like a pretty good hire.

Also, a Nathen Garth update. Here is a highlight video of his on youtube. It's about seven minutes long and I watched about half of it. He seems pretty good, but again, it's a highly recruited kid playing against other high school kids, so who knows.

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