Thursday, May 3, 2007

This is the Stupidest Thing Ever

So new Gopher football head coach Tim Brewster has brought some new excitement to the program. In order to capitalize on this, as well as keeping the momentum going, the Goal Line Club - the Gopher football booster club - printed up 2,500 shirts to sell with the slogan "Brew's Crew", with more shirts to come.

Well the University, with all it's wisdom, decided to stop production on the shirts. The reason: too closely connected with alcohol.

Seriously. I wish I was making ths up.

The guy's last name is Brewster. He's probably been called Brew his whole life. Just because brew is also slang for beer is no reason to cut off the shirt producton.

But at least with this move, drinking will be over amongst Minnesota students. Just think of all the incoming freshmen who would have seen that shirt, and immediately become alcholics. Now they'll be saved by never having a drop, and go on to save the world.

God bless you Minnesota officials.


Theory said...

I agree. The U of M is just stretching on that one. What's next? They're going to ban anybody from the U of M who's name is "Dick"?

Nate Likes Dudes said...

I'm giving up alcohol for life. Thanks U of M.

Anonymous said...

Hey nate likes dudes guy, thank you for giving up alcohol for life. I call dibs for you to be my alcohol offset. Now I can drink anytime I wish and you will offset me being a lush.