Sunday, May 6, 2007

Second Round Gold

Just for fun, here are the best second round picks from each NBA draft starting from 1995:

1995: Eric Snow, Michigan State at pick #43 to Milwaukee
1996: Jeff McInnis, North Carolina at pick #37 to Denver
1997: Stephen Jackson, some Community College at pick #43 to Phoenix
1998: Rashard Lewis, High School at pick #32 to Seattle
1999: Gordon Giricek, Croatia at pick #40 to Dallas
2000: Michael Redd, Ohio State at pick #44 to Milwaukee
2001: Gilbert Arenas, Arizona at pick #31 to Golden State
2002: Carlos Boozer, Duke at pick #35 to Cleveland
2003: Kyle Korver, Creighton at pick #51 to New Jersey
2004: Trevor Ariza, UCLA at pick #44 to New York
2005: Ronnie Turiaf, Gonzaga at pick #37 to LA Lakers
2006: Paul Millsap, La Tech at pick #47 to Utah

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