Thursday, March 12, 2009


If you pay attention to this blog, you're probably a raging drunk or have a super shitty job, but besides that you would also know that I have this complete and total fear that Devron Bostick is going to transfer due to lack of playing time. A fear that was multiplied today after Devron single handedly (ok, not really but close) gave the Gophers a big lead against Northwestern.

Well, after tonight, and a little bit of creepy facebook stalking, we can put those worries to rest after we had this exchange:

Dude you're awesome. Please don't transfer.
lol thanks n im not gne transfer... who did u hear that from
Nobody, just my own thoughts feeling frustration watching you not getting PT when you deserve it over people who are. I wouldn't blame you, I just hope you don't.
oh ok but im not
Good man, I think you are the best offensive player on the team. Good luck tomorrow
Also, how often do you want to punch Travis Busch in the face?
lol thanks bt trav my guy y u say dat
He just seems like he'd be irritating to play against with the constant running and hustling, but as a teammate I can see why he'd be your guy
yea i wld hate him if he wasnt on our team lol bt he do be hustlin

So there you go. Stop worrying about him transferring (and stop hoping for him to knock out Travis Busch) - ain't gonna happen. Nobody would lie to an anonymous internet stranger, would they? (I did ask him if I could post this, and he said yes, so that does make it pretty believable, at least in my opinion).


WWWWWW said...

Jesus I just want to go to bed, but the UCONN/Syracuse game is in quadruple overtime and I'm pretty sure Thabeet just fouled out because he's bored.

WWWWWW said...

You would think it would be easy to look up the record for most overtimes in college hoops, but it's not. I also had something funny here to say but damn you vodka.

WWWWWW said...

Now about to start OT #5. I feel like I'm watching that one hockey playoff game between Philly and whoever it was that one year. You just can't stop.

Ted Kaczynski said...

You just entered a whole new level creepy and geeky.

klinger said...

So, I'm gonna go ahead and put the authorities on alert. Don't be surprised if they come and pick up Wonderbaby, just for a while, just until we have time to make sure that everything is "stable".

God willing, they won't just send her to stay with Snacks.

Optimator said...

Wow, you are the ultimate sports groupie. Also, you are like a real sports reporter. Look at you getting real quotes for the ol' blog.

I can't wait for Thursday!!!

Dawg said...

Devron if you are reading this then I hope you continue to elevate your game this post season. Congrats on the win against Northwestern and good luck against MSU.

PS What happened to that sweet 3 point stroke that we all read about coming into the season?

PPS Who do you think would win in a fight Carter or Westbrook?

PPS Who do you think would win in a fight you or Saul Smith?

WWWWWW said...

Unfortunately I won't be able to make the Thursday get together at Sensor's this year. I will, however, get to watch the next three days in Chicago, so that's a pretty good trade.

S. Smith said...

I'd scratch his eyes out and pull his hair.

PJS said...

This was great.

But I'm curious about something. Do college kids today think it's too time consuming to type "ou" or do they think would is really spelled "wld?"

Anonymous said...

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