Saturday, March 28, 2009

Movie Live Blog: Trip McNeeley's Haunted House

Sitting here on Saturday night watching the Nova/Pitt game, and for whatever reason, Mrs. W is stoked to quite stoked about some dorky movie that is about to come on Lifetime called Nora Robert's Midnight Bayou. I have no idea why, as to the best of my knowledge she has never read a Nora Roberts' book, nor does she have a thing for Jerry O'Connell, the star of this no-doubt cinematic masterpiece. Unfortunately, since I have been forcing an awful lot of basketball watching around the house the last couple of weeks, I'm being made to watch this. The best way to deal with that pain, is to share it with you. Let's rock and roll.

- No summary on IMDB, but the plot summary on the TV Guide says, "Mysterious events plague a man after he moves in a new house that - supposedly - is haunted." So doesn't that pretty much tell us right there that the house isn't actually haunted? I wonder what the summary for The Sixth Sense is, "A creepy little boy who can see dead people works with a - supposedly - non-dead detective to help souls rest."

- Good game here. Nova up 71-69 with a minute and a half left to go. Big travel on DeJuan Blair here, who takes about four steps/shuffles of the pivot foot - which reminds me, check this out (seriously this is awesome, I beg of you to take the time to watch it:

- Nice shot Levance. Jesus you seriously couldn't suck any worse. I'm sure a career 35% three point shooter hoisting a pro distance three is really the best shot when you're down three with 30 seconds left. Also, whoever the announcer is just tried to compare this Villanova team to the 1985 team. Easy, big fella.

- And all of a sudden Villanova is way more dumber than Fields. That looked like something the Gophers would do.

- Scottie Reynolds still sucks, but that was pretty cool. Or, as Snacks texted me, "Scottie Reynolds that bitch" - and he has Nova winning this game. But I don't want to talk about brackets. Really I don't (I had Nova initially before talking myself out of it). But please notice how Reynolds had two guys open for layups but just took it himself anyway. Dick.

- It's movie time now, and we aren't wasting any time as within the first twenty seconds Jerry O'Connell has already seen a ghost nun and tried to go into Forrest Gump's house that was haunted and repelled him with the power of the wind. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

- Just got an email here from someone named Tommy from Sarasota, FL, "Will you be drinking tonight?" Thanks for the question, Tommy, and thanks for reading. To answer you, yes, I will be drinking. I have some beer, and also, since I'm out of regular vodka, some vanilla vodka may be making an appearance. As if I wasn't gay enough already.

- Wait, that was a flashback - but nothing really happened, so that's weird. But ok. We're in New Orleans, present day (officially post-Kartrina). I hope there's Voodoo in this movie somewhere. I dig Voodoo. Go rent The Serpent and the Rainbow. But first rent King of Kong, then go rent the other one.

- You know is horrible at basketball? Eric Devendorf. Let me ask you a question, would this team of allegedly good players score any points, ever?

PG - Levance Fields
SG - Scottie Reynolds
SF - Eric Devendorf
PF - Raymar Morgan
C - BJ Mullens

Seriously. Could this team beat like, Iowa or Seton Hall? I say no.

- And that'll do it. Approximately eight minutes into the movie, and Mrs. W pulls the plug - and I must say it was looking like a good call. That movie was shaping up to be even worse than it sounded. So we're going to watch Gone Baby Gone instead. Have a pleasant evening.

[EDIT TO ADD: I just opened up a peanut shell and there were three nuts inside. This is epic.]


snacks said...

that's funny, because snacks' wife flipped onto this movie last night for about 10 minutes. I was really confused.

snacks said...

Oh, and unfortunately, text messages cannot reflect tone of voice and sarcasm very well. My text after Reynolds’ winning shot was meant to mock you for ripping on him so much, not to rip on him.

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