Thursday, March 19, 2009

It Was a Good Run

I'll have a more thorough breakdown of the season at some point down the road - or not, what the hell do I know - but for now, I'll just say it was a pretty good season.

Can't really complain about the loss tonight, since the goal of the year was to get into the tournament and they did, and anything on top of that would have been gravy. I think the loss is a little easier to swallow because in general I think the Gophers played pretty well against Texas. But that's what happens in the tournament - you just run into better teams.

They had some issues, most of which plagued them all season long - not getting back on defense, a poor night keeping the other team off the offensive glass, an occasionally stagnant offense, poor shooting, and giving up too many open three pointers (hello AJ Abrams) - but overall the future is bright for next season, and I'm not going to do any complaining tonight - although it would have been nice to keep the final margin in the single digits.

All-in-all, I'm strangely calm about this, and overall just very happy how the season ended up - despite some very frustrating times earlier in the year.

Tomorrow morning I head to Chicago with Snake and Dawger to hang with big daddy Bogart. There may be blogging, and their will definitely be drinking.