Saturday, March 7, 2009

I quit.

That's it. I'm done. This blog will be going dark. It was fun.

I just don't understand how you can come out in that game and give that shoddy of an effort, turning it over so much and just not playing defense, particularly when they have shown the ability to play as well as they have against Illinois and Wisconsin.

I don't understand why you play Jonathan Williams as much as you did, and don't play Colt Iverson even one minute. The fucking dipshit in front of us tried to tell us that Iverson didn't play because "he couldn't guard anyone on Michigan" which is a valid point if you ignore the fact that Williams played forty minutes or whatever and continually refused to actually stop anybody. I get senior night and all, but you're supposed to start Williams, pull him at the first whistle, and then just go right ahead and sit him the rest of the game. Instead Tubby played him all the way until the four minute timeout in the second half, and may or may not have cost the team the game, but it certainly didn't help.

Worse, I don't understand taking a timeout down three with four seconds left when your team is on a 3-on-3 rush. What are you going to do with four seconds left, especially when you haven't been able to design an inbounds play to even get it in with less than a four second count. Not to mention calling the timeout brings in the opportunity for Michigan to foul and put you on the line down three. They didn't, but they should have and Tubby gave them that opportunity.

No Devron Bostick. Again. Zero minutes in the last two games. He's one of the few offensive type players on this team, and with such a struggling offense I can't fathom why you wouldn't at least give him a shot.

A massive rebounding advantage and shooting 54%, and you still manage to lose thanks to a piss poor defensive effort that led to Michigan shooting 50% and 43% from three, and turn them over less than ten times. Just an awful, awful, awful game - despite the team seemingly having it in control for the majority of it. The collapse at the end was awful, and not only hurt the Gophers' chances of getting a bid, but might have put the Wolverines right into the tournament.

Great. Freakin' great. I quit. This is my last post ever.