Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to the Team, Stud (aka OMG OMG OMG OMG)

According to my mom and nobody else, the Twins have signed Joe Crede for less than the $7 million he was asking for initially. I can't find a damn thing online right now, and there was nothing on channel 4 news, but she swears channel 11 reported that Crede is on his way here and has officially signed. On a related note, I'm sitting at home watching channel 4 news on a Friday night. Just kill me.

[EDIT: Found a link. No real details. But it's still awesome. Just like how I'm awesome for reporting this before that damnable Aaron Gleeman.]

[EDIT: After thinking about it for about five minutes, I've decided not only to purchase a Joe Crede jersey, but also buy season tickets. Home AND away.]

[EDIT: Finally watching Wednesday's Lost episode. HOLY SHIT!]

[EDIT: I bought some crazy irish vodka tonight because it was on crazy, Walmart-like sale. I figured the Irish like booze, and for some reason I associate potatoes with Ireland, so we should be good to go. Turns out, now I remember, that the reason you associate potatoes with Ireland is because of the "Great Potatoe Famine" and so they don't much have them anymore. Still good Vodka though, but that scared me for a bit.]

[EDIT: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist was a good movie. City of Ember, not so much. Too weird, even for me. And with little to no backstory, damn thing was impossible to get in to.]

[EDIT: Shooter Hunt is a sweet name]


Dharma Bum said...

Does the picture imply that he's playing short instead of Punto?
Or that if he did slide into first he would break his back?

bogart said...

W, I'm just catching up on some of your old posts and noticed that you claimed to be "too busy" to hang out while you were down in Chicago, yet you played Golden Tee all night at a bar about four blocks from my office. Thanks, jerk.

WWWWWW said...

It's just nice to see a Twins infielder diving without first base on the other end.

And Bogart, I was with work people all night doing work things while playing Golden Tee, I wouldn't have been able to hang out.

Also you're lame.

Dr. Acula!. said...

What kind of work things were you doing with your work people? Trying on condoms? I didn't know they made extra small.

The Sidler said...

I have to say--this is a great deal by Bill Smith. A one year deal with only $2.5mil guaranteed is a nice bargain. If Crede is healthy and earns 525 plate appearances, he should be worth $7mil.

The Twins defense could be really good on the days Delmon isn't in the field.

Is this the Twins biggest free agent signing since Jack Morris or Chili Davis?

Dawg said...

Biggest free agent signing since Paul Molitor maybe.

With the signing of Crede who is going to be the odd man out? Buscher, Harris or Tolbert?

Also, who is going to be the odd man out between Gomez, Young, Cuddy and Span. Will Cuddy and Kubs be splitting time at DH or will it be Young and Kubs? Or maybe Gardy will shock us and start Young in LF, Span in CF and Cuddy in RF.


WWWWWW said...

I would guess Buscher. Harris and Tolbert can both be plugged into multiple positions, although maybe that makes them duplicates of each other? Either way I'd assume Harris is safe because I'd guess he can probably refuse a minor league assignment at this point in his career. So it's probably a spring battle between Buscher and Tolbert.

As for the outfielders, your guess is as good as anybody's at this point. Well, not your guess, but the generic guess.

The Sidler said...

Tolbert might get the nod since he can play 2B, 3B, and SS. Granted, he sucks, but a versatile sucky player counts for something.

Delmon was one of the worst-fielding OF in the league last year (in his age 22 season), so I'm all for Span-Gomez-Cuddy to start the season with Delmon and Kubes splitting the DH duties.

But someone will get hurt and the OF depth will be a blessing at that point.

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