Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quick Hitters

A few quick notes

1. The college KG, JaJuan Johnson of Purdue, is freaking awesome. I have a feeling I would be writing him up in the who was awesome section of the weekend review, but I'm heading to Utah for the week and likely won't have a computer and even less access to sports and internet since I'll have to spend most of my time with Mrs. W's insane family so I probably won't get to a weekend review. Anyway, that dude is definitely the next Hakim Warrick who was the next Kevin Garnett, and he lit up the Buckeyes tonight for a career high 30 points on 10-16 shooting in their overtime loss (sans Hummel). One of the most impressive things, and they pointed this out on the ESPN broadcast too, is that when he gets the ball in the paint he doesn't dribble like so many other big guys do, giving the double-team extra time to get there - and his very nice turnaround jumper too, of course. He can still disappear at times, which is partially his teammates' fault, but look out for this kid the next two years.

2. Hey Lady at the Gym (yes, I joined a gym), are you seriously going to sit there on the Elliptical machine and have a ten minute conversation on your cell phone? And then, five minutes later, make another call and have another ten minute conversation? I don't even know where to begin. Who brings a cellphone with them into the gym? Unless you're the go to surgeon for the president or Sam Jacobson's pot dealer his senior year, you can go 30 minutes unattached from your cellular telephone device. Not to mention that having a ten minute conversation in close quarters with other people should be grounds for a beat down. Hey, jackasses around the world, if you need to talk on the phone for more than 30 seconds, LEAVE THE GOD DAMNED ROOM. This goes for personal or professional, in public or even in your own home. It's just good manners. And lastly, if you're on the phone 20 of your 25 minutes on a machine, you probably should just give up, stay home, watch the Biggest Loser and eat bon-bons. And you're ugly.

3. If the Twins trade Delmon Young for Jarrod Washburn I quit. I will absolutely quit. I will never go to another game, I will never watch another game, I will never read about another game. I will burn my Twins hat (but I'll keep my Jason Kubel shirt). I will start a blog called billsmithisastupidjerkfaceloser.com. Why would you give up on Delmon Young already? I mean, I get why, actually, but to trade him for Washburn? If you're going to give up and trade him, get something of more value come back, but Washburn? He'll be 35 this year. He hasn't had a WHIP under 1.26 since 2002, and last year topped out at 1.46, a career worst and equal to Boof Bonser's numbers last year. His K rate is down, his walk rate is up, and he's a flyball pitcher who'd be throwing in the Metrodome. He has articles written about him called, "Is Washburn Washed Up?" Honest to god, if they trade Delmon Young for him, I'm done.

4. Speaking of the Twins, please just sign Joe Crede already. Give him something like $4-$5 million with another half mil in incentives for a year. If it doesn't work out, you're just out the $5 million, no big whoop. If it does, you'll lose him but maybe Luke Hughes will be ready the next season or another option will present itself. Third base needs to be upgraded, and time is running out.

5. UCONN stomped an awesome Louisville team in Louisville. I think they're my new pick to win the whole shebang.

6. Lastly, I just want to say that Wonderbaby can now give high fives on demand, and also, for the first time today, was able to put a ball in a hoop (not an actual hoop, but a hooped shape container - shut up, still counts)


Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with your above post; yet thought you may be interested. 4000 or so people at the cooper vs hopkins game tonight. Hopkins rolls, RW dominates the game offensively (tenacious rebounder, tremendous low post game, great handle) big ten ready right now!

RWJR has NBA athleticism right now, but has alot to work on prior to becoming an asset at the next level! suspect jumper, more than suspect handle, and lack of interest on D. But can't wait to see what tubby molds him into!

going to be fun next year!

WWWWWW said...

Definitely interested, and your comments kind of echo what I've heard elsewhere. Dawger and Snake were at the game tonight, so I'm hoping to get a recap from one or both of them on here at some point.

snacks said...

good to know about the game with the RW's, adam. I'm starting to wonder where everybody finds minutes next year. Someone talented like Rodney may be spending a lot of time on the bench.

when i read the stupid washburn rumor the other day I just assumed it was all made up. That would possibly be the dumbest trade in the world. Washburn would likely not even be one of our five best starts, and he's old. I think I would also have to quit the twins if they went through it, especially when Cuddy Bear is batting 220 with 5 homers at the all-star break.

Dawg said...

The game was like walking into a scene from Dangerours Minds. I think Coolio may have also been playing over the loud speakers. The place was packed to the rafters with many shady characters. Those character's included a 9.5:1 lefty to righty ratio. Not kidding. The list also featured Trent Tucker, Sid Hartman, Flip Saunders and the coach from Colorado State University who was wearing his gay green CSU sweat shirt. The guy looked like a complete slob and had zero chance of landing any recruit.

Baby Dawger (BD)and Lil Lil Snake (LLS)were on their best behavior. This was probably because they were very much out of their element and paralyzed with fear.

The gym was buzzing with anticipation to see all of the showcased talent. Warm ups were particularly interesting as Rodney and Royce were putting on dunking clinics on their perspective ends.

While watching the warm ups you could see that Cooper would be in trouble as Hopkins was taller at every position.

Rodney won Snake over on the opening tip, when he jumped about 14ft into the air and slapped the ball to the baseline. That would be Rodney's lone highlight of the first half. I would disagree with anonymous that Rodney's jumper needs work. He has great form and unbelieveable lift. He tends to use fade away's when its not necessary but that is easily changed.

Royce was unbelieveable in the first half. His defense was smothering and he was great at jumping into passing lanes for steals. He was simply unstoppable on offense. He is 6'8", solid and quick. Great ball handling and court vision. He was able to get to the rim whenever he wanted. The crowd gave him an "Overrated" chant after he missed a free throw and on the next play he went right around Rodney (who was giving up quite a bit of size) and slammed one home to silence the crowd.

Hopkins is stacked and has a few players to keep an eye on in the future. Particularly #23 who was a sophmore. This kid was a beast on the glass and very athletic.

Anyhow we left at half-time and missed Rodney's dunking highlight reel in the 2nd half. Maybe next time. I believe both will be very exciting to watch next year. I don't see either one rotting away on the bench as long as they come ready to play defense. Both are far too talented to keep on the shelf.

Anonymous said...

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