Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Thoughts from Super Sioux Fan

I suppose I better post this so I don't get stabbed in the eye at some point.

Random Thoughts by Mama Dawger...........

-What is with THAT guy at Bdubs that sits there in his leather jacket with a basket of wings and a pop watching ESPN highlights by himself for lunch? I mean I know said guy doesnt actually have a job...but does he have any idea how pathetic he looks? And he sits right in the middle of the long bar area so people who actually have friends have to sit awkwardly around him....I hate that guy.

-That one guy in every group of friends who feels it is his job to tell everyone how gay they are. "Dude you are soooo gay", "god your gay dude"
Unfortunetly I think I am this person.

-I hate passing out peoples mail at work...I mean I get that it is part of my job "duties" but it pisses me off none the less

-Asshole sales calls....If you are a cold call sales guy....I offically hate you. These jobs are designated to the biggest piles of shit this planet has to offer. Not only are they rude dicks they actually think I might be stupid enough to believe a thing they have to say. No sir you are not "friends" with the owner of my company, no sir you are not "returning" his phone call, no sir you didnt just speak to him last week and I know this because he has been out of the country and your an asshole. Lets just say I am these guys' worst enemy. I have been called a bitch by hundreds of these guys and it makes my day.

-So everyone remember "Epic Guy" well Epic Guy wore a tee shirt today that says "EPIC" on it.....shocking.

-When my boss creeps up on me and asks me some stupid question and just sits and stares at my tool bar to see what I am doing on my computer. Dude I can see you staring at my email. It is rude and weird.

-Everytime Snake gets off the elevator I mouth to him what a homo he is. I think he likes it and agrees.

-There is this really annoying sales girl that just laughs all day long for no Fing reason. She will say good bye to you as she is leaving and then just start 'ahhahhahhhaa' laughing. I am so confused.???? Not only do I want to punch her square in her mouth for being so obnoxious I want to slip a riddlen in her diet coke just to shut her the F up.

-Also Snake loves this girl...she is crazy and likes to kill animals so naturally he is infatuated with her. sad

-Also some douche wore a soccer jersey to work today. I am not sure I need to elaborate on that one. Bear might think it is cool though.

-I ate 3 lunches today....this is the truth as sad as it may be.(left over thai food, Bdubs onion rings and pizza)

-I dont like when guys wear leather jackets in general but then when they accessorize it with the OJ Simpson leather gloves......??? WTF dude. haha

-Gina Maria's Pizza is SO salty. Anyone else ever notice that?

-Alot of people are wearing plaid today and not just one plaid clothing item but 2 mismatching plaid items....together. Did I miss something? Was I drunk for too long and missed a whole new fashion trend? Have I been watching too much Barney and not enough E channel?

-Do people actually listen to country music other then Alex Kangas? I dont think they do.....

-So the movie Taken was freaking amazing. Me and Dawger saw it last weekend and it was intense. I didnt even touch my pop or popcorn the whole movie.

-Baby Dawger runs our house.

-I found out that Dawger hides booze and chew in his upstairs bathroom. That is so fucked up......

-Dont EVER call me a Bitch to Dawgers face or he will punch you in yours. This is a fact.

-The gopher hockey team makes me smile. Epic guy told me he actually cried. This by no means surprises me.

-I think that vodka cran with lime is a super homo drink. I think it reaches into homo territory once you take the time to actually cut a lime and put it in your drink. My 20 year old brother once ordered a vodka cran at the bar cause it was his first time at a bar and the lead singer of Four Letter Lie told him to order one because that is his favorite drink. So maybe since he drinks it, it isnt as gay....????


Lefty Snake said...

You really want us to believe you didn't touch your popcorn?

SSF said...

Okay during the previews I am guilty as charged.

Fish Nipples said...

"When my boss creeps up on me and asks me some stupid question and just sits and stares at my tool bar"

so i'm assuming tool bar = boobies

SSF said...

No I acutally mean my toolbar. I think he is trying to bust me doing some shit I being on this retarded website. If I get fired for coming on down with goldy then WWWW is really gonna get it. The Dawg family will be moving in....for free.

The todd said...

(praying you get fired for being on DWG so hilarity can ensue)

WWWWWW said...

This will not happen (unless Blackburn wins 14 games)

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