Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gophers/Sparty Tivo Blog (RETITLED: Oof)

Currently sitting here at 7:38pm, watching Indiana get their first win and waiting for the Gopher game to start. Currently here with Mrs. W, Old Man W, and Grandma W, although two of three are shopping for baby clothes online. Going to fast forward to get to the game now, and we'll see how long this lasts. Rest assured, I will finish this game at some point tonight, no matter how late it is.

Also I'm drinking.

Vodka/Cranberry with Lime.

- Game on. 18:55 left, 3-0 Michigan State. I consider this an excellent sign since it wouldn't really have surprised me if they were down 10 already.

- This is going to be a long game. Especially if the Spartans keep getting o-boards like they just did.

- Shot clock violation. Let's go ahead and call this one. I think I'll watch the end of the Cuse game instead.

- Ok, I couldn't change the channel. You know what blows my mind? How come we don't hear more about the Japanese interment camps in WW2? That was a pretty dark period. I'm kidding, nobody cares. What really blows my mind is how I'm watching the Gophers play at Michigan State and believe they can win, although that belief is quickly waning; 8-0 Sparty.

- I just noticed Suton is playing, bummer. And the best Gopher in history got completely outmuscled for a Spartan offensive rebounding, leading to another Summers three pointer. Let's seriously go ahead and call this one. I can't believe I thought they were vulnerable, when really they were just pissed off. 13-1, and it's not nearly that close.

- Carter in, and takes it aggressively to the hole, something nobody was doing then draws a charge and seems really, really fired up. Maybe he's what they need today.

- Carter O-board after a DJ missed three - won't someone please tell him not to take that shot? And then a big steal. Wow for Carter. I award him five out of five stars thus far.

- I'm now live, and doing my own Live Blog whilst chatting with From the Barn on his live blog. Man this shit is bananas.

- Mrs. W and Grandma are doing some weirdo geography quiz, and somehow Tunisia came up and Mrs. W said, "That's where they filmed Star Wars." I love her more right now then pretty much ever. Meanwhile Michigan State continues to basically completely outplay the Gophers in everyway. I have no idea how the Gophers are only down 11.

- This is like watching the Gopher vs. Illinois game, only if it was opposite day. Meanwhile Old Man W is constantly complaining about the refs, as only old people can truly do. It's like a work of art at this point.

- Awful.

- Really? I mean, Really?

- I feel sick.

- Tubby Smith = worst coach ever? This is a complete embarrassment. So let me get this straight, the Gophers have it out of bounds under their basket, and turn it over, leading to the Spartans having it out of bounds under their basket, and they get a layup? Wow, if you could sum up this entire game (season?) in one sequence, that's it.

- Grandma W. doing a geography quiz online, "Where's Texas?"

- This sucks. It's not very fun doing this right now. Everything that could go wrong, is going wrong. Combine that with shitty play and a shitty gameplan, and I am having trouble coming up with reasons to keep watching. Jesus Christ, it's 42-16 at half. Kill me. Did Monson ever lose by this much?

- I'm not watching anymore. This is horrible.


The todd said...

Only down 27 with 3:59 to go...first time I flipped to BTN, fun. They look as bad as the hockey team. At least we still have wrestling.

Optimator said...

Ok, stop right there.

WWWWWW said...

Brutal. But if you want to have fun go to From the Barn and read about me getting called a racist by some guy, and then ending up recommending him a book to read.

Anonymous said...

our offense is terrible!!! alot has to do with MSU's pressure and the fact that they are alll really athletic!!!!

Tubby needs to figure out what is wrong with al nolen, and/or revamp his "offense". it has looked like crap for weeks!!!! The offense wasn't even that great in the big win vs IL.

better regroup or OSU could get ugly too!

Anonymous said...

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