Friday, December 12, 2008

Site News + Overrated Discussion

There will not be a weekend review, or any posts by me, for most of next week. The Mrs and I are heading to Chicago for vacation and to hang with the Bogarts. I'm hopeful one of the other wonderful contributors to this blog will step up with a post or two - perhaps the entertainment value of DWG will increase considerably. Although if there was a weekend review, in the WHO SUCKED category you would certainly find Kyle Orton. I have no idea how the Bears won that game last night. Every time they got the ball in the second half, Orton just went ahead and chucked it right to a dude in a Saints jersey.

I know one guy who didn't help the Saints was the supremely overrated Reggie Bush, who had a stellar 46 total yards. I just don't get the love. The guy is a horrible running back. He's never even been the best RB on his team, even going back to USC where Fatdale was a much better back. Sure, he's a dangerous kick return, but so is Awesome Rossum, even at 50 years old, and you don't have people talking about him every thirty seconds, and Rossum doesn't even have his own Fathead, which is a travesty. Honestly, what does it say when the Saints' featured rusher, Duece McAllister, is hurt/suspended/on leave on they don't even turn over the rushing duties to their Golden Boy, and instead look to Pierre Thomas, a guy nobody has ever heard of who had fifty career rushes going into the season - AND he's a whole lot better? Did you know Bush has never even cracked so much as 600 rushing yards in a season? And he's had twenty or more carries in a game only twice? Ever. Career rushing TD total? 12. In three years. And three of those game in one fluky game. I'm not saying he's terrible, he's clearly a sideshow type of weapon, but let's cool it with the love. He's more in the Devin Hester category than the Adrian Peterson category. Plus, his fiance made a sex tape with some other dude that leaked to the internet, so he's once again playing second fiddle. I've compared him to Mewelde Moore on here, but I'm starting to think that's an insult to Mewelde Moore.

As long as I'm talking about overrated players, let's talk about Davidson's Stephen Curry for a minute. Yes, he's an awesome, awesome player and he had one hell of a run in last year's NCAA tournament. I'll even add that there's nobody in college ball more dangerous in the last two minutes of a game, and it's not even close. But I'm getting a little sick of the praise heaped upon him no matter what he does. He's reaching Brett Favrian levels of love here. Any mistake he makes is either glossed over, blamed on his teammates, or credited to his "willingness to sacrifice for the team and play point guard." Guess what, idiots, he's not sacrificing to play point guard, he's doing it to help his own selfish needs to get drafted. He actually hurts the team because HE'S NOT A POINT GUARD. I heard one talking head guy compare him to Larry Bird. Clearly that can't be the case because Bird is white and you can't compare players of different skin tones, but even if you could, that's ridiculous. Everybody seems to be blinded because he's leading the nation, scoring 30.5 points per game, but look at everything else here.

He also leads the country with 21 shot attempts per game, half of which are three pointers so it stands to reason logically he would lead the country in scoring (also keep in mind the weird game against Loyola where he scored 0 and took only three shots because their coach bizarrely double teamed him everywhere, even without the ball.) He's shooting 48% (38% from three) which is excellent, but really buoyed by games against teams such as James Madison (14 for 19) and Florida Atlantic (13 for 21). Let's look at just the games against good teams: Oklahoma, West Virginia, and we'll throw NC State in here too, although it makes him look better but seems fair to include them anyway.

In those three games, he was 36 for 89, just 40%. From three he was 14 for 45, 31%. Ok, so you say "well of course his numbers will be worse against those good teams, this argument is silly." Ok, I'm with you. I can see where you're coming from although you're wrong, and if you had watched the games you'd see just how wrong you actually are. "Plus," you'd probably say, "look how awesome he's been at the point. He's averaging almost 7 assists per game with only 3.5 turnovers." Ok, you're a bigger idiot than I thought. Once again, he beats up on the bad teams with 10, 9, and 13 assists against Guilford, James Madison, and Winthrop against just 1, 4, and 3 turnovers. In the three games against good teams, his assist to turnovers were 3-3, 3-4, and 10-8. Eight turnovers! In one game! Yet his team won and he hit two big threes in the last two minutes and now everybody wants to make out with him.

Look, I like Curry. He seems like a good dude, and he really is an excellent scorer and an excellent player. This isn't like a Reggie Bush level of overratedness, it's just a warning that people are approaching the Brett Favre area of being unable to criticize anything he does. He's a scorer and that's it. It's time he just embraces it and accepts it like JJ Redick or Curtis Staples. Give it up on the point guarding. Of course, he's going to roll right through the Southern Conference like me at the Y, and just dominate and everyone will praise him until they can't talk anymore. Just wait for the tournament, he could easily shoot them right out of a game, or take his Kerwin Fleming level point guarding and put them in a big hole. Or score fifty points on 90 shots, anything is possible (after the Oklahoma game they mistakenly put up a graphic that he was 19-49 shooting and I didn't even flinch). Again, good player, but let's just relax.

You know who is really overrated though? The Fresh Prince. You know what I'm sayin'?


snacks said...

I'm tired of him going 12-29 and putting up 35 points and the announcers talking about what a great game he had. He shot 29 times! Anyone with a half decent shot can score 30 points when they shoot 30 times!

Optimator said...
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Optimator said...

Ok, you dominating at any place other than a bar is a joke.

The Todd said...

Agreed. I'd like to witness your "dominance" at the Y...something tells me this takes place during the wheelchair games except you ain't rollin.

I've seen the sex tape of Kim K. God she's got a sweet juicy ass, love it. However, that Ray-J guy or whoever, my god, he puts Visanthe to shame. Kim needs to take some lessons though on swallowing the sword. Maybe someone's wife could help her out here...perhaps make an instructional video, I don't know. I do know I'm available if you need a sword, call me.

Also, Stephen Curry's mom is pretty damn hot. I think that's why he can't do anything bad.

Lastly, Drew Brees can go straight to hell along with you W. Thanks for the 13 points last night mole face, christ. I'm never playing any fantasy league you are in again. Do us all a favor and stay in Chicago.

ekdawg said...

At least Curry is good and not Travis Busch.
Jim Jackson and the other dude on the Big 10 network could not stop sucking Travis's rod all game. He "does all the little things", and "hustles like crazy", and "is what college basketball is all about."
I guess he can take over for Brian Cardinal and Mark Madsen on the Wolves when he graduates.

WWWWWW said...

I almost posted something about the Busch love since Bogart texted me about it during the game. Since I was in attendance and didn't hear it myself, I figured I'd let it pass until I personally get the treat of listening to it.

WWWWWW said...

Oh, and thanks for the Kardashian tape breakdown Todd. I've never seen it, but now I feel like I have with your vivid descriptions. You should do color commentary for celebrity sex tapes. What did you think of Paris Hilton's?

bogart said...

W, nice job booking your flight so it lands right in the middle of the Vikes game. Hope you brought your train pass to get to your hotel from the airport.

The Todd said...

The Paris Hilton one is only so-so. It's half in the dark so not the best picture plus it's Paris. It works in a pinch though. The one you should check out is with Gina Lee Nolen, formerly of Baywatch celebrity. Sha-wing!

Anonymous said...

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