Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gophers lose Insight Bowl 35-20

At least according to Whatifsports, one of the greatest websites in history. They simulated the bowl 1,000 times and Kansas won 83% of the time, with an average score of 32-20. A typical boxscore can be found here.

The good news is the Gophers were up 20-14 at the half, and collapsed, allowing three TDs to Kansas without scoring on their own to end up losing 35-20. Game MVP goes to Jayhawk QB Todd Reesing, who threw for 405 yards and 3 TDs without a pick. The Gophers outgained Kansas 527 total yards to 500 and had the time of possession edge 36 minutes to 24, but were undone by two Weber interceptions and a 1-5 conversion rate on fourth downs, as well as allowing Kansas to convert over half of their third down conversions.

Doesn't that sound exactly like what could happen? Especially if one of those failed fourth down attempts was on the goal line and another was near mid-field when a punt would have been the right call? And of course, both interceptions in Kansas territory?

Actually, that's probably too close; the Gophers will never have a lead and will probably get blown to pieces. Speaking of blowouts, it's time to watch Gophers/L-Ville hoop it up.

[EDIT: I just realized that box score has a play-by-play. The interceptions were thrown in Kansas territory, both in the second half, at the 16 and 21 yard lines. One of the missed fourth down conversions was in the third quarter on fourth and 1 from the Kansas 11, and another was a fourth-and-1 at the Gopher 39 which should have been a punt. This website is uncanny.]