Monday, December 1, 2008

Big Ten/ACC challenge

I'm not going to lie to you, constant reader, I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly drunk right now, here in Whore-lando (I consider that quite clever) but I feel I should make some sort of attempt to say something about the Big 10/ACC challenge because apparently it's a big deal even though the ACC runs right through the big ten like buffalo wings through my colon. I will say before i get to the stuff that Orlando is quite lame. Every restaurant here is god awful. It's all chains, except for the Angus Steak Grill which we went to tonight and got humped in the butt. The food was awful. Worse than Olive Garden. For reals. But my hotel room (villa) is huge. And that light that says I have a message keeps blinking on my phone, but I don't know how to answer it.nb

Wisconsin got the Big Ten off to a nice start tonight, beating V-Tech, a pretty good team, on their own turf. According to the box score I found, it looks like it was a very good game, with both teams shooting well and rebounding well, and nobody turning it over like Rico Tucker on a fast break. Great win for the Badgers, and for the Big Ten.

Unfortunately it's not a one game playoff, and all the teams have to play. I'm going to do this quickly because otherwise I will pass out and miss my seminar tomorrow and that woudl be a shame.

Iowa @ BC - Iowa sucks. They are the suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked. I don't think BC is anything special, but their win against UAB in whatever that tournament was is a good win, even if Robert Vaden shoots more than Jesus. BC takes this one and takes Floyd of Rosedale home with them.

Ohio State @ Miami - This would be a Buckeye win, but it gets a bit trickier being on the road. I know PJS over at the The Daily Gopher is in love with Miami, and honestly you should head over there for a better look at the matchups, but frankly he's wrong and Miami sucks. They have no good wins on the year, no matter how much you want to suck off San Diego (spanish for whale's vagina). I know everyone thinks McClinton is the cats pajamas, but you know what? He's not. And also even if he was you need more than that to win games. I'm giving this one to the Buckeyes. Jay Burson 4-eva!!!!!!!!!!!

Clemson @ Illinois - Wow, two mediocre teams with good records. Seems like the standard at this point in the season. I hearted the Illini last year big time and they broke my heart, so I can't even begin to believe in them now. Plus Merl Code was a pimp. Plus, Clemson lost a couple dudes from last year, but they're still a pretty stellar team. Who's good on Illinois? Their leading scorer and rebounder is Mike Davis, and I don't even know who that is, so he's probably bad.

Duke @ Purdue - There's no real reason why Duke should lose here, unless Purdue is really that good. And they might be. I can't deny it. E'Twaun Moore can score with anybody, like The Todd, and they should pose a real threat to the little girl Dukies. Call me optimistic, but I'm giving this one to Purdue. I think they are the real deal, just like J.D. Durbin.

Virginia @ Minnesota - The Gophers have to win this game to be taken seriously. That alone scares me. But Virginia is not a major threat. An ACC team is always a bit scary against the slow ass teams in the Big Ten, but the Cavs are not good - unless Harold Deane and Curtis "the Curt Man" Staples are rolling into Williams. They gave the Cuse a bit of a scare this weekend, but also lost to Liberty at home. Freshman Slyven Landesberg is the new Sean Singletary without the PG skills and is averaging 21ppg, but the Gophers should have the pieces to slow the swingman down. I'm giving this one to Minnesota.

Indiana @ Wake Forest - If the Hoosiers were at home, they'd lose this one by twenty. So being at Wake, this is going to be an absolute blowout. I also read today over at the Daily Gopher that almost Gopher Verdell Jones got hurt in a bad way in their last game. Hope it's not a major deal. I'd like to see him lose his job to that weirdo walk-on guy legitimately. Could be a Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding deal. Stay tuned.

Michigan @ Maryland - Remember when the Wolverines beat UCLA? Was that their whole deal? I don't know, it seems a bit fluky when the Bruins are so young, but it's still a great win. I would love to see this game played at Ann Arbor, because the Terps showed they have some serious game with their win over Michigan State this weekend. With the game being in Maryland, I don't think Michigan, even improved as they are, has much of a chance against that foreign point guard and the Terps.

Penn State @ Georgia Tech - This would be a pretty good football game, with the edge to the Yellow Jackets. Unfortunately it's basketball. I also found a picture of myself at Valley Fair with my date the day after prom my junior year, and I chose to wear a G-Tech shirt with an obnoxious G-Tech hat. Still got some though. Holla.

UNC @ Michigan State - this is a biggie. The Spartans have illusions of being a national title contender this year, and this will go a long way towards letting everyone else know. Yet, the loss to Maryland this weekend looms large in my brain, as does the fact that this is a Big Ten team. I just can't seem them keeping up with the Heels, even in East Lansing.

Florida State @ Northwestern - it would be great if the Big Ten didn't have to include every team in the conference.

I have it at 7-4 ACC, but I could be wrong because math is hard. Go Gophers.