Saturday, July 19, 2008

You know what sucks?

Here's what sucks, when you are watching the Twins game and you see that the starter for them is Livan Hernandez. That sucks.

- Already down 2-1 in the third. Josh Hamilton is up. I don't know if you know this, but he used to hooked on crack. Then his grandma grabbed a couple of knives and pistols and broke into the male whorehouse where he was working coked out of his gourd and whooped some ass Steven Seagal in Under Siege style, then carried him out slung over her shoulder. She then locked him in a freezer for two years, where he lived off of the rats and spiders he could catch, honing his body into a finely tuned hitting machine. Or something. They never cover it when he plays on national tv, so I'm not really sure what happened.

- If I'm ever in charge, my first act of business will be to make those damn blue shells in Mario Kart illegal.

- Went to the Science Museum today to check out the Star Wars exhibit, and it was awesome. If you're a fan, check it out for sure. Here's me with R2:

Of course, the best part was the nerds who dressed up as characters. My favorite was this guy (in the background). The droid in front was a science museum employee, but I'm pretty sure the guy in the X-Wing Pilot suit behind him was just a patron who decided to dress up.

He's a winner.

- Another bunt hit for Casilla. He's kind of like a slightly better version of Gomez right now. He doesn't walk, and his expected BA and BABIP suggest he's been getting pretty lucky thus far, but he's clearly a much better player than Gomez right now. And, like, the Brooks Robinson of second basemen.

- Craig "Marilyn" Monroe hits one off the wall and still manages to get tossed at second. The Twins' baserunning, year after year, is stunningly atrocious. But one of the reasons they win year after year is because they're so fundamentall sound, thus sayeth the newspapers. I'm so confused.

- Buscher sucks. Well, not sucks, but he's a backup. Rumors abound about a possible trade for one of Adrian Beltre, Hank Blalock, Casey Blake, or Garrett Atkins. I highly doubt they are actually going to make a move, but without looking at contract situations I'd be happy with any of them except Blake. I mean, any of them would be an upgrade over Buscher, but unless you can get Blake for pretty much nothing I wouldn't do it. The other three would be excellent gets.

- A little Gopher info, this is a scouting report on Johnnie Lacy from College Hoops Net, :

PG Johnnie Lacy (Milwaukee, WI; Wisconsin Playground Elite; Rivals # 99)

Lacy (5-10, 160) is an explosive lead guard who in some respects reminded me of Jonny Flynn this weekend. While he’s not as athletic as Flynn, Lacy has the speed to get up and down the floor in a hurry, but under control while doing so. On occasion, however, he can over-penetrate and end up having to force this issue and the outside shot is a definite work in progress at this point in time. Still uncommitted, it looks as if Marquette has the inside track on keeping Lacy home in Milwaukee.

From what I've read, that whole Marquette inside track thing is a bunch of crap now with them having signed on Junior Cadougan, a three star PG from Houston whose name sounds like something a vedeo game would come up with. Unfortunately, I've also read that he is another one with some academic concerns. We shall see, but it's no secret the Gophers could really use a PG in the 2009 class, and Lacy is the best candidate, especially with Udofia looking more like he's going to stay in the south. He also compares himself to Chris Paul, Tony Parker, and Rajon Rondo, so he certainly doesn't lack for confidence.

- Justin Morneau really impresses me. He's not just a power guy, he's a legitimate all-around excellent hitter. He just took a low and away pitch into the gap in left center and jesus decided he didn't want Josh Hamilton to get to it so it went to the wall to clear the loaded bases, very nice. Also watching Carlos Gomez play is like watching a little kid. You know he's not that good, but he's fun to watch and you can't help but root for him.

- We rented Drillbit Taylor to watch tonight after Baby W goes to sleep (she's sleeping through the night now, knock on wood). I'm pretty sure it's going to be terrible so I'm going to drink as much as possible while we watch the Twins game.

- Home run Delmon Young. I told you guys he was going to be good now. You should listen more often.

- I get to play in a golf tournament on Monday instead of having to work, and I suck at golf. Awesome. Speaking of golf, how about Greg Norman leading the Open through three rounds? Pretty amazing stuff. The sad thing is that when he loses, people are going to talk about it as another Norman choke job instead of three incredible days. It's really amazing for a 53 year old or whatever he is.

- As far as my picks for the British, Sergio (T-15th), Allenby (T-9th), Soren Hansen (T-27th), and Bart Bryant (T-35th) are doing well as I said, while I said Mickelson and Els would disappoint and though they made the cut they aren't really in contention. I also said Furyk and Scott would disappoint, but are doing pretty well, and Geoff Ogilvy and Rod Pampling missed the cut when I expected them to do well. I guess I'm not perfect. I konw, it surprised me too.

- Since the game is now a blowout, we've decided to watch the movie now - oh joy. Interestingly, one of the writes is named Edmond Dantes, which is kind of weird since that's the name of the main character in The Count of Monte Cristo.

- I have British Open bets on Sergio Garcia to beat Anthony Kim and Robert Allenby to beat Jim Furyk tomorrow.

- So far this is shaping up as a weird, failed attempt to emulate the kids relationships from Superbad. People shouldn't bother, that movie nailed it perfectly. This like a non-alcoholic Daquiri - what's the point. At least Jimmy James is in it.

- Yeah, I like Daquiris. So what. You're telling me you don't like a nice Daquiri on a hot summer day? Whatever. You're lying.

- As if taking a cab wasn't already a bad possibilty for the Yankee Stadium thing, I just found out going from New York to New Jersey (and back) carries a pretty big surcharge, even though it's only 12 miles. Great. I didn't want to go to Yankee Stadium anyway.

- HOLY SHIT! Maurice Hargrow got arrested for stealing a car! He should have been arrested for stealing my heart when he transferred and then back.

- I'm bored now.


The Sidler said...

Try not to throw any golf clubs this time, I hear you have a problem with that.

snacks said...

Did you get the Hargrow info from the gopher hole? A bunch of the idiots on there massively ripped the guy who posted the information, because he posted it without doing a serious investigation first. God I can't stand the people on the gopher hole. You are probably going to get massive hate mail now.

Tubtastic said...

I tried to defend the dude who posted the info on GHole and got blasted myself. Isn't that what a sports blog chatroom is for? -- posting information about the team whether it be factual, rumors, or ridiculous accusations? Plus, its a public record and the board delves into a freaking debate session over the appropriateness of making a public arrest record publically available on the internet. Save it. Suck it. Out.

snacks said...

Completely agree with you. Many of the people on there are impossible to deal with. That's why I've never bothered to post on there even though I visit regularly.

WWWWWW said...

I heart Tubtastic.