Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hey now, don't dream it's over

Sorry WWWWWW, I'm stomping on your latest post.  But I have to provide an update:

This Beltre thing...I'm afraid it isn't looking so good.

A combination of laziness and incompetence led to LaVelle writing about it before I did, but here's his opening line
Indications are that the Twins will not swing a deal with Seattle for third baseman Adrian Beltre
These are the primary hold-ups:
  1. The Mariners are asking for too much--not a surprise, Beltre is arguably their most valuable trading chip especially with Bedard on the shelf.
  2. Seattle has an interim GM.  The guys at USS Mariner (one of the best baseball blogs around) think ownership isn't going to hand the keys to a major sell-off to the new guy.
  3. The Mariners have no real 3B options behind Beltre, and despite what idiot callers on KFAN think, Mike Lamb will not be looked at as an asset by the rest of the league.
  4. In a relatively weak division and an over-$100 mil payroll, the Mariners aren't going to enter an all-out rebuilding phase.
  5. The Phillies are morons.  Blanton's essentially a fatter, less insane Kyle Lohse v.2005 and they gave up 3 of their top 10 prospects to get him.  This is going to drive up the price, at least up until hours before the deadline.
In that same blog post, LaVelle says Garrett Atkins is probably unavailable as well.

I don't see Blalock (proudly walking around with a fork in his back since 2006) or Blake as big enough upgrades to justify the prospect cost it will take to get them.  At least the Delmonator is showing some signs of life.  WWWWWW, think we should pick him up now?

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