Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kentucky Derby Advice

Hit these three:

Jackson Bend 15-1:  Odds are lower than they should, but he finished second twice recently, both losses coming to the horse that would be the Kentucky Derby favorite if he wasn't a scratch.

Super Saver 14-1:  Has a top jockey, top trainer, and has won at tracks like Churchill Downs before.

Backtalk 50-1:  Smarty Jones was his dad, which is good enough for me.

Obviously, odds are none of these horses win (smart money is on Lookin' at Lucky at 3-1) but if you're looking to toss a low wager with high odds at something, like I am, these are your best bets.


Dawg said...

Wanted to brag a bit about Luke Hughes for a moment. He finally got his big break with The Twins and homered in his first ever major league plate appearance.

Some may remember that I touted the aussie on DWG about 2 years ago.

See here:

Last year my prediction was on life support as Hughes struggled, got injured, lost his spot to Valencia, and was then demoted to AA. I was starting to imagine what Bogart felt like after he told everybody that Troy Williamson was going to be the next Randy Moss.

However after a strong spring, and an injury to Punto, the stars aligned for Hughes and he got the call up. He may still wind up with less Big League service then Andre David (last Twin to homer in 1st MLB AB) but it was worth it to watch that glorious homerun.

WWWWWW said...

I have to give you credit, you brought Hughes to my attention when I hadn't even heard of him.

I'm not exactly ready to anoint him the next Mike Pagliarulo or anything yet, but he's looked pretty good. I'm going to predict that he ends up as the team's starting second basemen next season - yes, second base.