Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Orioles lost today to the Rays 9-1.  The reason?  They gave Matt Wieters the day off.

Also the Gophers got the official commitment from Mo Walker today.  Awesome.

[EDIT:  Somebody want to explain to me why the hell they sent Alex Burnett down in exchange for the world's oldest relief pitcher]


rghrbek said...

Yeah, I don't know how to explain this either.

The whole reason Burnett was on this roster instead of Salama, was because he was on the roster.

Now they promote an ancient guy (who gardy has a boner for), who was bad all year, last year for the royals, and decent for the twins in limited use against crappy central div. foes like the royals.

That's 3 lefties on the staff, in relief.

Plus Crain melted down, which is always inevitable. He will be good for a couple outings and then go mental.


rghrbek said...

my first sentence was stupid above.

The whole reason burnett made the team, instead of Salama, was because he was on the 40 man roster...

Now they make room for Maybe or whatever his name is, by placing nathan on the dl, which they could've done for Salama.

Plus Burnett looked decent.