Wednesday, April 28, 2010


FACT:  Bert Blyleven is a liar - or at least has a poor memory.

If you watched tonight's game, you might have heard Bert tell a charming little story about how he threw a slider only once in his career.  He said he threw it to Cliff Johnson when Johnson was Bert was with Cleveland, and Johnson hit it "about 500 feet."  Bert said he threw it because Johnson had fouled off about seven pitches already so he tried to mix it up.


Bert did indeed give up one home run to Cliff Johnson in his career, but it was when Bert was throwing for the Pirates in 1980.  You would also think he'd remember a bit more, considering Johnson's home run came in the top of the ninth in a 4-3 game, tying the game, which would eventually last twenty innings (Bert pitched 10).  Seems like a pretty memorable game and home run.

Just sayin'.

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