Saturday, August 15, 2009


So here we are on moving day at the PGA. My credential from DWG was denied at the media tent this morning so here I am basking in the glow of the CBS coverage in HD. Times are in central standard.

4:45pm - Harrington just muscled 3wd into a birds nest behind 14, chip and a putt for a share of the lead.

Tiger is the only guy on the front page not under par, makes sense. Still he just looks solid but nothing is falling in the hole.

Does anyone still listen to U2? Bono has become this ultra intense activist, does he still have time for the music?

4:29pm - Soren Kjeldsen, this guy is making everything today. If he putted and Vj hit tee shots and approaches they would be leading by 7 or 8 right now.

Glover drops a shot, he is playing great today, need to take advantage of the downwind holes.

Els has made a bit of a resurgence this week. It is nice to see him playing well again.

4:32 - Tiger seems to be debating the wind on 13.

4:33 - Paddy makes 3, we have a tie at the top!!

5 of the last 6 holes are down wind, a player has to make those chances count.

Nance has been all over Vj today for his lack of putting skills. He is such a Tiger ass kisser, Veej isnt putting well but try to be impartial. I used to love Nance, thought he was the best, now he is just another brown nose who doesn't have his own opinion. Faldo you need to start talking more!

Some Korean not named KJ Choi is playing well today. They mentioned he won this year already in FL, I will take their word for it. Does anyone else find it funny that there are about 150 awesome women golfers from Korea and only like 3 males?

4:39 - Harrington just roasted one on 15, he will get home in two.

The announcers keep saying these greens are fast but they seem spongy and slow. The rough however is starting to look like the neighbor's yard whose house is in foreclosure.

Tigger has 3 feet or so to save par on 13...its in but he was disappointed that there were imperfections in the green.

Paddy is green high in the left bunker on 15, will be a tough one.

4:45 - Els shows the touch of the village smitty running it way past.

Tiger...Drivable par 4...he is unsure a bit, backs away...hoists up a huge cutting driver... runs through the green. Chip and putt for the lead.

Harrington makes par, that is a missed opportunity.

Even money Veej goes to the belly putter tomorrow. He is going to be on the putting green until the grounds crew needs to mow. Personally, I contend that when Vj is putting just ok he and Tiger are on the same plane.

4:54 - Tiger just ran it over the green with his chip. Nance about had a conniption, he is likely sending a investigative unit down now to see if he was interfered with.

Bellied wedge off the green...IN! There is a big roar and fist pump. Tiger to -8.

One thing that does get a little annoying during live sporting events is having to watch the same commercials over and over.

LL Cool J is now acting on TV, huh. Tiger just flew it into the fairway bunker, will need to layup on 15.

5:00 - Yang, dressed in his commie red pants make par at the last for the lowest round of the day.

Ernie just missed a short one. Can someone please just take the reins and not pee down their pants on the last 3 holes?

Why are all the people in the Cialis commercials in separate bathtubs? I have never had the opportunity to sit on the beach in a bathtub with a women, guess that's what you do when you get old and cant get it up.

Its windy out there. Harrington has really played well today. I had a good feeling about Westwood today and being paired with Poulter, I just thought they could feed off each other. I couldn't have been more wrong.

U2 is back. Who gets more trim, Edge or Bono?

Mike vick on 60 Minutes tomorrow. Two things go through my mind. First, 60 Minutes is still on? Does anyone watch? Wouldn't it be funny if they had Andy Rooney interview Vick? "Do you ever wonder why people kill dogs?" "well we will ask mike here what he thinks". it would be classic.

5:09 - Tiger just chunked one from about 60 yards. Will have a tough birdie putt.

Els with another stone hands green side shot. He is leaking oil right now.

Tigger makes par, someone reported that he worked out in a Suburban Minneapolis Health club this week with his wife. Sure would be cool to look up from your protein shake and see Tiger grinding out some hammer curls.

5:16 - Three over on the last three for Els, not the way he wanted to finish.

Looks like it could start to pour at any time out there. Could be a soaker tomorrow.

16 is an unreal hole, the Ryder Cup is here in 7 years. Rees Jones wants to move the tee box to make it a drivable par 4, if they want. He also will be burning off every green and totally replanting and recontouring.

Speaking of 16, Tigger just pulled it into the hay left of the green. Will be a tough up and in.

Big Brother is a very underrated show.

5:25 - Tiger makes a very thick lie on the side of the hill look easy. Book a par.

Harrington just gave it the Tom Watson and airmailed 18.

Ross Fisher is going to be good one day. He needs to get comfortable playing in the big events. he looks scared, like the way cake looks when fat people walk by.

Harrington blows it by. There sure have been a lot of chips going long. They are just getting way better contact than intended out there.

5:32 - starting to rain now.

Harrington make bogey. Will play in the 2nd to last group tomorrow, I know he wanted to be paired with Tiger.

Tiger is a hole behind, get him on the clock!! He is just disgusted with a shot that lands in the middle of the green on 17.

Vj is just getting hammered on his putting, sad. I hope he finds something that works. The guy is so good not to be winning but he never will again if he keeps putting like this.

5:41 - Harrington talks really fast.

No birdies on the 5 pars today for Tigger. That's pretty shocking.

Tiger just hit a beauty within 10 feet, Veej knocks it inside that by about 4 feet. Nance has already given the putt to Tiger and a miss to Veej. They may as well just walk off the green.

Tigger slides it by, here comes the putter throw. No one can get a word in as Nance cannot stop apologizing for Tiger. Vj makes a putt, take that Jim.

The word on the street is that Tiger has yet to sign an autograph. Food for thought.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I think the set up will be there for the players to score tomorrow, the only question mark will be the weather. If the wind were to shift that may throw a wrench into the works, its been blowing the same direction all week. I have Harrington besting Tiger tomorrow. I just have a feeling, probably will be wrong since i know Tiger is undefeated with the lead in majors after 54 holes but there is a first time for everything.