Monday, August 31, 2009

In New Jersey and I'm Lame

Now out in New Jersey, there may be a part two, I don't know, the title is optimistic.  You know what was really fun?  Sitting in the middle of a bunch of post-college frat guy types on the flight out here.  Frat guys are pretty much always douchebags, but this group truly excelled.  Besides calling each other names like Beatnik, Obama, Peanut, and Cheddar, and talking about some game of Ultimate Frisbee that was truly "epic", they also kept us entertained, loudly entertained, with their "humor."  This including not only taking picutres of their friends when they were sleeping and then giggling like middle school girls, but also showing us their incredible wit, such as when the the flight attendant guy came over to us in the exit row and asked if we were familiar with the procedures and how the exit doors work.  Frat guy's response, "Oh my god, you mean we're on an airplane!  Why didn't anyone tell me?" and then proceeding to ask if they should test out the door right now or wait until we were in the air.  Classic frat guy, classic.  So that was a pretty painful flight.

-  Holy geez, I had forgotten how terrible Chris Berman is.  If you're the first to start with the catch phrase crap and all that, shouldn't you at least be somewhat entertaining, rather than ear splittingly annoying?

-  Watching a bit of the Vikes game here before I head out to meet my co-workers for a drink, and holy crap is Adrian Peterson ridiculous.  First play, 75 yard touchdown.  And it wasn't even close.

-  Wildcat offense with Percy the "QB."  I'm not so sure here.  It worked for about 7 on a handoff to AP, and I'm not necessarily completely against it per se even though I think defenses are going to be prepared to stop any team that runs it, but I don't know about unveiling it in a preseason game.  The team never ran it last season, so why let anybody know you have it in your playbook now?  But hey, I'm no offensive genius guru like Childress, so what do I know?

-  I'm back.  It was pretty boring.  We had asked the one local amongst us to take us to a sports bar, so somehow we ended up at Chevy's Mexican Restaurant, and even ended up at a table in the back, not in the bar, and no where near a TV or sports bar type of place.  I guess that's what happens when you put a girl in charge.

 - So 17-10 Vikes.  And I just saw a deep ball to Andre Johnson.  Andre Johnson?  Why is he still in the game?  It's still preseason, right?  I would say I hpe he gets hurt, except he's pretty important to my fantasy team so I just hope they get him the hell out of there.

- Christ, Favre isn't even in anymore and the announcers are still slobbering all over him.  Even though I'm going to be rooting for him this year, it's going to be very, very trying season.

- I thought I would write more tonight, but it turns out I'm actually quite tired and have quite a bit to do tomorrow, so I'm going to have to cut it short.  Hopefully there will be more tomorrow.  This hurts me more than it hurts you.


Helton said...

Further proof of Childress' vast offensive mind, lets run the wildcat, and run to the side that Favre is split out too. Then we will have our $12 million qb chop block a safety with his throwing shoulder. Luckily this guy isn't 40 years old and brittle. Good call Chilly, good call, dick.

snacks said...

Yeah, I might have to watch games on mute this year. Did you know that even all of Favre's incompletions are truly great plays? The worst was when he chucked it deep against the blitz, and that dipshit Jaws was going on and on about what great recognition it was to see one on one on the outside and give his receiver a chance to make a play...only there was a safety over the top who nearly picked it off that the announcers completely pretended wasn't there.

And I think the point of running a wildcat play in the preseason is just to put it in the other teams' heads, so they have something else they have to prepare for. I would assume the play they ran isn't the first one they'd bust out in the regular season.

Anonymous said...

Is Joe Crede having a baby? My wife once wanted an epidural.