Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks BTN!

Awesome.  I pay $2.99, and I get nothing but freezed pictures, skip aheads, and, rarely, as many as four consecutive seconds of uninterrupted picture.  And that's the second half of the game.  The entire first half was nothing more than 1-2 seconds of play, a frozen picture, hit refresh, and do it all again.  So here's what I saw from the game:

-  Justin Cobbs take some fool on the dribble for a layup

-  A super-sexy sweeping lefty sky hook from Ralph.

-  Justin Cobbs hitting a three.

-  Rodney Williams hitting a three

-  DJ forcing some overmatched donkis to turn it over

-  What looked like an awesome 2-1 break with Ralph and DJ, but I have no idea how it ended

-  Paul Carter getting matched up on the wing with some slow white dude and blowing by him like Brandon Jennings v. Brian Cardinal.

That's it.  Now, don't take this as a condemnation of the BTN streaming video, I had no problems with either the Moorhead or Tennessee Tech games, but tonight was just brutal.  I will have no problem using it again in the future - assuming they respect my email and refund my money for tonight - but it really, really sucked to not be able to watch the game, so I'm going to have to piece this together from the boxscore/make stuff up.

-  I know the first half wasn't pretty, even leading to a text from Snacks that read "this team isn't any better than last year", and resulting in a SFA lead deep in the first half, before a mini-run to close out gave the Gophers a 26-19 lead at the break.  In the second half that run continued - and how - with the mighty Gophers outscoring the non-mighty Lumberjacks 56-23, to end up with a 82-42 victory that would have been another 2x if not for a late cheapie layup by some dork from SFA.

-  I was going to do a whole thing here where I made stuff up like "Rodney Williams had a 360 dunk on his way to 14 points" and "Devoe Joseph was 3-3 on three pointers tonight, including two from 25+ feet" but I am suddenly simultaneously annoyed and tired, and it would take far more devotion to a bit to pull that off than I can muster up right now.  Instead, here's a fun fact regarding Stephen F. Austin U that I forgot to include earlier:  "In 1970, five players from SFA were drafted into the NBA.  Only eight other schools can match that in a single draft."  Information = power, kids.  Don't ever forget that.

Since I have no other way to talk about the game, and I don't want to speculate based on box scores, here is an update on the fantasy college basketball draft, and I know damn well you care because you've never played fantasy college basketball and you're very curious:

1.1 DWG - Luke Harangody, F, Notre Dame
1.2 TLEF - Craig Brackins, F/C, Iowa State
1.3 NotoriousTREJetBrit - Cole Aldrich, C, Kansas
1.4 Saintfool - Grievis Vasquez, G, Maryland
1.5 Aerial Assault - Kyle Singler, F, Duke
1.6 WuBanger - John Wall, G, Kentucky
1.7 Truck - Jarvis Varnado, F/C, Mississippi St.
1.8 Jeter23 - Patrick Patterson, F, Kentucky
1.9 Tar Heel Boy - Damion James, G/F, Texas
1.10 BasketballCoach - Michael Washington, F/C, Arkansas
1.11 Tobias Funke - Evan Turner, G/F, Ohio State
1.12 Balco - Greg Monroe, F/C, Georgetown

2.1 Balco - Lazar Hayward, F, Marquette
2.2 Tobias Funke - James Anderson, G, Oklahoma St.
2.3 Basketball Coach - Tasmin Mitchell, F, LSU
2.4 Tar Heel Boy - Trevor Booker. F. Clemson
2.5 Jeter23 - Devan Downey, G, South Carolina
2.6 Truck - Dominique Jones, G, South Florida
2.7 WuBanger - Jeremy Hazell, G, Seton Hall
2.8 Aerial Assault - Kalin Lucas, G, Michigan St.
2.9 Saintfool - Manny Harris, G, Michigan
2.10 NotoriousTREJetBrit - Devin Ebanks, F, West Virginia
2.11 TLEF - Willie Warren, G, Oklahoma
2.12 DWG - JaJuan Johnson, F/C, Purdue

3.1 DWG -
Derrick Favors, F/C, Georgia Tech

3.2 TLEF - Jerome Jordan, C, Tulsa
3.3 NotoriousTREJetBrit - Andrew Ogilvy, C, Vanderbilt
3.4 Saintfool - Deon Thompson, F, North Carolina
3.5 Aerial Assault - Jerome Randle, G, California
3.6 WuBanger - Ed Davis, F, UNC
3.7 Truck - Wayne Chism, F/C, Tennessee
3.8 Jeter23 - Solomon Alabi, C, Florida State
3.9 Tar Heel Boy - Sherron Collins, G, Kansas
3.10 BasketballCoach - Al-Farouq Aminu, F, Wake Forest
3.11 Tobias Funke - Mac Koshwal, C, DePaul
3.12 Balco - Stanley Robinson, F, Connecticut

4.1 Balco - Jerome Dyson, G, Connecticut
4.2 Tobias Funke - Corey Higgins, G, Colorado
4.3 Basketball Coach - Talor Battle, G, Penn State
4.4 Tar Heel Boy - Scottie Reynolds, G, Villanova
4.5 Jeter23 - JaMychal Green, F, Alabama
4.6 Truck - Jeff Allen, F, Virginia Tech
4.7 WuBanger - Lance Stephenson, G, Cincinnati
4.8 Aerial Assault - Roland Schaftenaar, C, Oregon State
4.9 Saintfool - DeMarcus Cousins, F/C, Kentucky
4.10 NotoriousTREJetBrit - Malcom Delaney, G, Virginia Tech
4.11 TLEF - Sylvan Landesberg, g, Virginia
4.12 DWG - Tyler Smith, G/F, Tennessee

5.1 DWG -
Chris Warren, G, Mississippi

5.2 TLEF - Gordon Hayward, F, Butler
5.3 NotoriousTREJetBrit - Gani Lawal, F, Georgia Tech
5.4 Saintfool - Sean Evans, F/C, St. John's
5.5 Aerial Assault - Alex Franklin, F, Siena
5.6 WuBanger - Luke Babbitt, F, Nevada
5.7 Truck - Jonathan Tavernari, G/F, BYU
5.8 Jeter23 - Xavier Henry, G/F, Kansas
5.9 Tar Heel Boy - Mike Holmes, F/C, South Carolina
5.10 BasketballCoach - Isaiah Thomas, G, Washington
5.11 Tobias Funke - Arinze Onuaku, C, Syracuse
5.12 Balco - Chris Wright, F, Dayton

6.1 Balco - Samardo Samuels, F/C, Louisville
6.2 Tobias Funke - DeSean Butler, F, West Virginia
6.3 Basketball Coach - Robbie Hummel, F, Purdue
6.4 Tar Heel Boy - DeShawn Sims, F, Michigan
6.5 Jeter23 - Jon Scheyer, G, Duke
6.6 Truck - Greg Echenique, F, Rutgers
6.7 WuBanger - Keith Gallon, C, Oklahoma
6.8 Aerial Assault - Kevin Coble, F, Northwestern
6.9 Saintfool - Dexter Pittman, C, Texas
6.10 NotoriousTREJetBrit - Trey Thompkins, F, Georgia
6.11 TLEF - Kemba Walker, G, Connecticut
6.12 DWG - Nic Wise, G, Arizona

7.1 DWG - Deonta Vaughn, G, Cincinnati
7.2 TLEF - Robert Mitchell, F, Seton Hall
7.3 NotoriousTREJetBrit - Wesley Johnson, F, Syracuse
7.4 Saintfool - Jimmer Fredette, G, BYU
7.5 Aerial Assault - Landry Fields, G/F, Stanford
7.6 WuBanger - Quincy Poindexter, F, Washington
7.7 Truck - Ben Uzoh, G, Tulsa
7.8 Jeter23 - Alex Tyus, F, Florida
7.9 Tar Heel Boy - LaceDarius Dunn, G, Baylor
7.10 BasketballCoach - DJ Kennedy, G/F, St. John's
7.11 Tobias Funke - Jeffery Taylor, F, Vanderbilt
7.12 Balco - Iman Shumpert, G, Georgia Tech

8.1 Balco - Elliott Williams, G, Memphis
8.2 Tobias Funke - Matt Howard, F, Butler
8.3 Basketball Coach - Augustus Gilchrist, F/C, South Florida
8.4 Tar Heel Boy - Patrick Christopher, G, Cal
8.5 Jeter23 - Chas McFarland, C, Wake Forest
8.6 Truck - Alex Oriakhi, F/C, Connecticut
8.7 WuBanger - Corey Stokes, F, Villanova
8.8 Aerial Assault -
8.9 Saintfool -
8.10 NotoriousTREJetBrit -
8.11 TLEF -
8.12 DWG -

Which gives me: 

G - Chris Warren, Ole Miss
G - Deonta Vaughn, Cincinnati
G - Nic Wise, Arizona
G -
F - Luke Harangody, Notre Dame
F - Tyler Smith, Tennessee (also G eligible)
F -
F -
C - JaJuan Johnson, Purdue (also F eligible)
C - Derrick Favors, Georgia Tech (also F eligible)

Which I think is a pretty good team.  I am currently five spots away from two picks, and I think I might go the double homer pick - Damian and Ralph.  The only other consideration right now is Ekpe Udoh from Baylor, and I'm really not sure if he's a fluke or legit.  I don't know if Damian and Ralph are the two best picks at this point, but they are definitely the two most fun; besides, if I lost out on Ralph I'd have to kill myself.  I'm actually almost positive I'm going to take Rico Tucker with my last pick.


Anonymous said...

$3 dollars, what do you expect? And of course you would try to get a refund.

WWWWWW said...

I didn't expect much the first time, but it worked really well twice so that's what I was expecting again.

Dawg said...

I'm guessing all the porn you looked at mucked up your computer. I bought it last night and didn't have any issues.

PS Lets hope that Rodney doesn't develop the Rico Tucker Syndrome. Where you come out and light the world on fire in the non-conference portion of the schedule but completely fall off during the Big 10 schedule. Rico also showed that he couldn't hang in the tough West Coast Conference either.

WWWWWW said...

He got hurt.

rakeback said...

Lance has amazing basketball talent, but he cant seem to stay away from trouble off the court. He could become an NBA legend, or he could fall into obscurity as another cautionary tale, it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

john brantley said...

Im surprised that Favors fell to the third round in your draft, he is projected as a top 3 NBA draft pick next season.