Friday, November 6, 2009

BREAKING: Bye-Bye Gomez

Just heard on KFAN that the Twins traded Carlos Gomez to the Brewers for SS J.J. Hardy, who the Sidler actually advocated for last year.

I haven't found a link yet.  I will post it when I find one.

Here it is.  Still kind of sorting out my thoughts on this, will post more later.


Dawg said...

The guy hit .229 last year with 11 Hr's. Yawn. This move sucks. Its like swapping 7th round draft picks in fantasy football.

Anonymous said...

What should they have done then GM Dawg?

If he wasnt on the juice in 07 & 08and show that type of production then he is a serious upgrade. Could they resign O-Cab to play 2nd?

What if they traded Morneau and Nathan, what value would be there?

The Sidler said...

I like the trade.

Hardy sucked at the plate last year, but he slugged .463 and .478 the two years before it, hitting 24+ HR each season.

His defense is strong enough that he was an asset even with the offensive implosion.

The trade does hurt the outfield defense; Span's a step down from Gomez and Young is terrible.

Gomez was entertaining as hell, but I don't think he was going to reach his offensive potential with the Twins.

Dawg said...

They should sign Tejada, Scutaro or Jack Wilson to play short. Then sign Chone Figgins, Mark DeRosa, Melvin Mora or Adrian Beltre to play 3rd. I would also sign Lackey.We could then change our name to the Minnesota Yankees.

I don't understand your Nathan or Morneau question. I will bet my daughter that neither one is moved in the offseason.

Hardy spent time in AAA last year and he will be 28 this year. The trade does nothing for me. Sorry.

WWWWWW said...

They had to move an outfielder, and as much as I hate to see Gomez go they got a good return for him, assuming last year was an aberration for Hardy and not a trend.

Dawger, you never fail to dumbfound me. Uncanny, really.

rghrbek said...

Plus many of the SS mentioned above, that they should've went after, are type A free agents, and we know the Twins won't give up 1st round draft choices.

There is some risk here, but the ceiling is very high. Above average fielding, and hopefully a solid hitting year.

Hopefully now they focus on 3rd, 2nd, and a decent backup OFer not named Jason Pride.

I like the move.

Anonymous said...

Is Valencia ready to play 3rd? Morneau for Halladay and Aaron Hill. We could even throw in Frankie, Perkins and harris.

Dawg said...

Valencia wasn't a September call up. The Twins thought they had a better shot with Tolby playing 3rd. I would guess he's not ready based on that. But after we sign Adrian Beltre he can get some more seasoning at Rochester.