Monday, November 16, 2009


Hey folks, just wanted to drop a quick note that CS-Fullerton plays UCLA on ESPN starting at 11pm tonight, and Fullerton is where Bryce Webster finally ended up after transferring out of Minnesota (there was something about Utah State in there somewhere, but he is at Fullerton).

I don't have the time nor the inclination to rehash his time with the Gophers and what has happened since, but Bryce is starting for the Titans, and scored 8 points and grabbed 5 boards in the team's season opening win over Hope International, which apparently was a real game and not an exhibition.  He played just 21 minutes, which likely had a bit to do with the lopsided 93-57 score. 

The Bruins have most of the players back after a bunch of preseason injuries, but this is a young team without a lot of practice team as a complete unit.  Can Bryce lead the Titans to the upset?  Probably not, but you should watch anyway because basketball is awesome.

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