Friday, November 27, 2009

Gophers vs. Pilots Live Blog

If I'm online while watching a game, I usually try to hang out either at From the Barn's Live Blog or the Daily Gopher's game thread, but since FTB's liveblog machine isn't working and nobody is around in the game thread at TDG, I'll just stick some thoughts here while I think them, because I have to share with somebody and god knows Mrs. W won't listen to me.  We are at 7:00 left in the first half right now and the Gophers are down 18-14.

7:08 - Away from the ball foul called on Ralph.  These refs are racist.

6:03 - Carter to the line after drawing the foul on the obviously fake named Kramer Knudson.  Gophers overall are looking awfully lethargic on offense right now.  The shooting has been awful, nobody is getting into the lane, and then when a shot does go up there is nobody around to even attempt to think about trying for an offensive rebound.  And, naturally, Carter misses both free throws.

5:40 - How many times can Portland beat the Gophers off the dribble?  I hate to say it, but it feels like the Gophers are lucky to only be down 8 right now.

4:40 - Air balled three by Portland, but they grab the offensive board for a lay up and the Gophers are down 10.  This is an awful effort so far.  On the other end, Nolen beats his man and gets to the rim for the bucket and the foul.  That's the second or third time he's done that.  The Pilots have been playing a man-to-man for the most part despite me having heard on the radio that they play a mean 2-3 zone.  Interesting.

4:01 - Gophers go to a half court trap and force a turnover.  Let's ratchet up the intensity here boys.  Look to fiery Ralph Sampson for leadership.  See his emotion and how he wears his feelings on his sleeve?

3:30 - Huge three by Devoe to cut the lead to six.  He is looking more and more like he could be a huge offensive force, especially when Cobbs/Hoffarber can play the point when Nolen is out.  Loving Devoe.  Not Deebo though.  That son of a bitch has Mbakwe all messed up in this bike crime business.   You kids are nothin' but punks.  Sissified. So quick to pick up a gun. Too scared to take an ass-whipping. [Raises his fists] This is what makes you a man. When I was growing up, this was all the protection we needed. You win some, you lose some. But you live, you live to fight another day!

2:19 - Nolen cannot be stopped getting the hole.  Of course, when the foul him he just misses his free throws, so getting to the rim is pretty much irrelevant.

1:30 - Carter scores inside again, and it's clear the Gophers are much better athletes and much quicker and faster.  they should be able to handle this team.  Of course, T.J. Campbell just hit another three.  This guy is unreal.  Best shooter in NCAA history.  Oh, and Nolen once again got into the lane, and this time they didn't foul him but he did miss the layup.  I'm starting to think they have no chance in this one.

0:03 - Gophers turn it over on their last two possessions, and they are just playing like garbage.  The only savior is some good defense that has held the Pilots to 4-15 shooting on threes.  We go to the break with the Gophers trailing 33-27.  It's clear the Gophers are the better team, they're just making some really dumb mistakes, not attacking the defense nearly enough (other than Nolen who can't finish), and are just missing shots.  I'm not panicking.  In fact, I'm quite calm.  I have a good feeling about the second half.  Sorry hippies.

20:00 - And we're back.  Took half time there to watch a little bit of The Soup.  Good show.

19:45 - DJ with a nice move to get into the lane but can't finish.  You know, Portland's defense is pretty good once the Gophers get into the lane.  They're giving them jumpers and they can't hit.  A few shots are going to have to drop if they want to pull this out.

18:30 - Nice jumper by Devoe.  I'm feeling a big half out of him.

18:10 - Gorgeous move by Joseph but can't finish - that's pretty much the story of the game.

17:40 - Westbrook jumper and we're tied.  All the momentum on the Gophers side right now. If they can keep up this energy level and this intensity, we're in good shape.  Of course, that little midget Campbell will probably hit a three.

16:40 - Not Campbell, but Stohl hits one instead and Portland is back up five.  Westbrook with another nice move to get into the lane but can't finish.  It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.  Portland can't stop them from getting shots - and good shots - but they absolutely can't finish.  Kind of like you with your girl last night.  She told me.

15:55 - So this Tiger Woods thing is pretty weird.  Gets into a one-car accident in front of his own house at 2:30am, his wife has to break him out of the car afterwards and he's "drifting in and out of consciousness" despite his only injuries being cuts to his face, and there isn't alcohol involved?  So weird.  I'm afraid it might end up being some kind of pain pill thing, although I really hope not.  He seems like he is too careful and takes too good of care of his body to be into recreational drugs, and with the surgery last year it wouldn't be a huge shock if this is pain pill related.  Hopefully it turns out there is some legit story that doens't involve these kind of things, but based on the few details that have come out I don't know, seems so weird.

15:40 - Angry Westbrook?  I hope so.


14:11 -  Another nice move to get into the lane and missed shot.  la;khjoapgwqhvoisahd

13:43 - The Gophers are being outrebounded 29-19 by a bunch of medium sized, unathletic white kids.  I have no idea how, but they are only down 44-39 despite playing like a mid-tier high school team so far tonight.  And another god damn turnover.  Jesus christ this is horrible.  They should have these guys beaten by 15 by now.  Is this just a case of relaxing after beating Butler?  Were they looking forward to UCLA and just can't bring themselves to care about Portland?  Underrating Portland?  I have no idea, but my opinion of this team is dropping faster than your girl after two glasses of merlot.

11:54 -  Another turnover.  You probably think I'm kidding but I'm not.  Portland refuses to score, and that midget even missed a shot - I assume the first of his career - but the Gophers just refuse to take advantage.  Just when I start to think maybe we have some kind of special team, it turns out they're just the same old stupid team we have watched for years.  This is just like Donnie Darko.

10:55 -  The new offense seems to be "let's all stand around and not do a god damn thing and let the shot clock run down and chuck a bad shot."  Sound familiar?  I think Monson introduced this one and then Tubby has just added a few wrinkles.  It's like they've never seen a zone before (they're in that 2-3 now).

8:58 - You're never going to believe this.   Carter made a nice move to get into the lane for a lay up - and he missed it!  I know, I couldn't believe it either.

8:25 - They are damn lucky to even be within 10 right now (it's 50-41).  This is awful.  I'd rather watch hockey.

7:16 - This is because I picked the Gophers to win, isn't it?  NEVER AGAIN.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't pick them to beat Tennessee Tech right now.  That must have been a fluke.

7:12 - You know what?  The more details that come out and the more I think about it, the more I am starting to think this was Tiger having an affair and the Mrs. found out about it and some really weird things happened.  That's the new #1, with pain pill addiction at #2.  #9372 is that the story they're telling is true.

7:11 - I just winced when the game came back on because it was much more fun watching the commercials.  That should tell you all you need to know.

6:25 - Gophers now down double digits.  Not to take anything away from Portland, because they are a good team and should challenge Gonzaga for the WCC title, but the Gophers have been awful tonight.  Completely and totally awful.  Not even close to the same team as last night.

4:20 - Gophers cut the lead to six, could have been five but Joseph missed what must have been the tenth consecutive free throw by the team.  Do I feel excited or hopeful?  No.  Not even a tiny bit.

3:53- Nolen hits two free throws to cut it to four, bringing the Gophers to a stellar 9-16 from the stripe.

3:03 - Luckily, on eof their various dead-eye shooters misses a wide open (and I mean WIDE open) three, then Nolen takes one to the rim and scores to cut it to two - now four after some random whitey hits for Portland.

1:30 - Rodney Williams with a horrible, horrible decision to chuck up a pro distance three (it looked like your typical Al Nolen three-ball).  Gophers still down four with 1:11 left, but it's Portland's ball.  Dear lord was that a stupid play.

0:30 - Three or four chances to score on that possession thanks to offensive rebounds and they come away with nothing.  This is one of the most frustrating Gopher games I can remember watching.  Better team, just completely outplayed.

0:15 - Ok, interesting.  Gophers down 3 and they force a turnover.  Let's get somebody going to the basket and get a quick two unless there's an obvious kick out for three.  Nothing stupid.  I'm looking at you Westbrook.

0:03 - Hoff misses a semi open three, and misses horribly, rebound goes through Nolen's arms to a Pilot and that's your ball game.  Pretty good microcosm of the game right there in that one play.

Ugh.  After you beat the #10 team in the country (overrated or not) to follow it up with that crap?  Just a piss poor effort all the way around, other than the last three minutes or so of the game.   Far too little and far far far too late.  Portland is no doubt a good team, and will likely not only be in the running for the WCC but also for an at-large bid, and I highly doubt this will ever show up as a "bad loss" on the Gophers resume, but it's awfully frustrating right now.  They were just so clearly a better team, but were absolutely outplayed and couldn't get it done.  Ugh.  Not even Christina Applegate could cheer me up right now. 

What's next?  Texas A&M or some crap?  Better win that one, or your win over Butler has been completely erased.  God this sucks.


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