Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Fourf Everybody

Happy Fourth of July all. I know I haven't been able to post much lately, and with a three day weekend starting tomorrow involving an out of town trip to the cabin to catch mucho bass, I figured I better get something up here before my lack of posting causes the next Watts riots. Of course, I don't have anything really to say, and the Crocodile movie I have on Tivo will have to wait until Mrs. W is not around. So I'll do the next best thing - drink some booze and type whatever comes to mind.

- We are starting with a little Spotted Cow Ale, from New Glarus, Wisconsin and purchased by Mrs. W on a trip across the border to dirty dirtville. It is fantastic beer, and thank you Dr. Acula for turning us on to it. Of course, Mrs. W also came back and said she would love to live in Hudson someday. After I came to from my blackout, I decided not to divorce her unless/until she actually tries to make me move. Although some preventative violence might be in order later tonight. You know what they say, if you don't beat your wife you must not really love her.

- Not much going on in Gopher recruiting, which is where I usually like to start this kind of thing, but I did find an article by Ryan James outlining what sounds like a very busy night for Mbakwe:
Going toe to toe with former Minneapolis Henry and Oklahoma 6-foot-8 banger Johnnie Gilbert in the late contest Trevor Mbakwe held his own down low and gave the crowd examples of the maturation in his game. Mbakwe went to the line 11 times last night and the first trip started with an intelligent dive cut to the basket. He brought Gilbert up for a pick and roll screen but noticed Johnnie overplaying the help on the screen so Trevor dove hard to the cup, received a pass, and was fouled.

Two possessions later Mbawke worked hard to seal Gilbert deep on the block and then gave his passer a target. After catching Trevor faked a move to his right and that shifted Gilbert's weight and when that happen Trevor turned his body the other direction shifting his hips to get Gilbert on his backside clearing space for Mbakwe to explode up to make a short jump hook. Against J'Son Stamper on the block the former Gopher tried to cut the baseline off defending against Mbakwe's spin but Trevor used his power to bump Stamper off and then Mbakwe's length and vertical allowed him to jump to the other side of the rim and make a reverse lay-in.

This sounds pretty good, and I need articles like this because I am not really high on Mbakwe. Based on his less than stellar time spent at Marquette, I actually didn't even see much of a reason for the Gophers to recruit him at all. But between this and his ESPN profile it sounds like he has really developed since then. Good. He's no Ralph Sampson, but he could end up being the second best post player on the team - not that it would be all that difficult. Seriously, other than Ralph who has a post move on this team? I suppose Colt has his up fake, duck under retarded thing, but that works just once per game even though Colty tries it around fifteen times. Everybody else on this team is a perimeter player. Wow, I just talked myself into loving Trevor Mbakwe. Tonight already sucks, and it's not even nine.

- By the way, we're watching Taken right now, and the daughter in it is one of my all-time favorites, Maggie Grace. Here, look:

- FYI - In case you are unawares, Kirk Cameron is 100% certifiably insane. Here's proof. Or just watch this:

- I know you're probably not aware of just how good Jason Kubel is, since few folks seem to be, but dude is kicking some serious ass this year. His average of .308 is 11th in the American League, ahead of your fancy boyfriend Derek Jeter and your other fancy, but slightly grittier, boyfriend Jacoby Ellsbury. And since he hits for power and isn't a retard who hacks at everything thrown near the plate his OPS is a stellar .910, good for 13th in the AL. His thirteen homers and 42 RBI are both in the top thirty.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that Jason Kubel is having an all-star caliber season, but because of jackasses like Morneau and Mauer nobody seems to notice or care. He could legitimately be an all-star this year with his numbers - he won't, but he could be. Let's all make a concerted effort to pay less attention to the canuck and the juicer, and pay more attention to a real american hero, born in South Dakota (which practically counts as Minnesota). Come on, what do you say?

- This movie is pretty good. Although Mrs. W is now singing songs from Mary Poppins for some reason. Well, the reason is because I said I had never seen it, which apparently is weird. Because she referenced the hand bag Ms. Poppins had and how it was apparently bottomless and infinite. I said "Kind of like a Bag of Holding in Dungeons & Dragons?" at which point she looked at me like I was some kind of freak and then broke into song. We're very special people.

- Roland had a bag like that too in the Dark Tower series. God I'm a nerdo.

- Interesting fun fact about the Twins' this year; they have five players in the top 32 in the AL in On Base Percentage (Mauer, Morneau, Span, Kubel, and Cuddyer). Last year, they had 2. This year, they are 8th in runs and on-pace for 166 home runs. Last year, they were third in runs and hit 111 home runs. Wait. What? The Twins were third in the AL in runs last year? How is that possible, they

F this. Blogger is being a dick and keeps effing up and interrupting mid typing. I'd keep going but I can't fight the internet and apparently the Twins massive arm of censorship which extends into the brains of computers and effs them up. Enjoy your holiday and

Damn this crap I'm do



Dr. Acula!. said...

I could go for a spotted cow right now.

Theory said...

Spotted Cow really isn't that good. It tastes like a watered down Honeyweiss.
Though, the one and only time I had it was from a tap, so maybe it was near the bottom of the keg and a little flat.

Also, that video of Kirk Cameron is fricken awesome. What a typical ultra-religous douche who refuses to do any research on evolution. If you're going to argue a point, make sure you know both sides of the debate.

Optimator said...

I couldn't get by O'Reilly first. He is absolutely loathsome.

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