Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Everyone has a shot in the Playoffs!

That’s right its Playoff time! This week will start the 4 week run of playoff tournaments that will culminate at the season ending PGA Tour Championship in Georgia, where someone who isn’t Tiger Woods will hoist the trophy and cash in on the 10 million dollar first prize. Well I guess I should say 4 event run as the 3rd playoff event will be held three weeks prior to the Tour Championship to accommodate the Ryder Cup matches. But before we look at this week’s Barclays lets step back for a recap of the Wyndham brought to you by Arm and Hammer.

Hometown boy, well not really he is Swedish but he went to college and lives in NC, Carl Pettersson takes advantage of a weak field and wins his third PGA Tour event. Just as I predicted Pettersson would win with ease, oh I didn’t, well I meant to. Anyway, the real big movers came in the way of a trio of golfers throwing up some seriously low numbers to move themselves into the playoffs by getting inside the top 144 in points for the cup. Rich “I’ll have a Beem and soda”, JJ Henry and Martin Laird shot 63-62-63, respectively, on the last day to vault them into the first round of the playoffs. That means they will be in the field for a chance to win the 1.26M first place prize and keep their hopes alive to hoist that trophy at the end of the year.

The Barclays is the first event to start the playoff season for the tour and after last week’s shabby field, all the top players will be competing. This is a tough tournament to predict the outcome of, the field is strong, the purse is high and there will be many just jockeying for position to get into next weeks event when the field gets narrowed from 144 to 120 (based on the ever changing Fed Ex point structure). Throw in that this is a new venue for the players and really this week is a crap shoot. Well I can always count on Tig…shit, well Phil never seems to dissapoi…shit, Vijay is putting pretty wel…shit. Well alright I have no idea how to pare it down but here goes. Pettersson won’t win because he is fat, Swedish and possibly a gay. Kenny Perry I believe is still blind, he’s out. Sergio could surprise but don’t count on it. My gut says the winner will come from people who are trying to catch the eye of the respective Ryder Cup Captains or a totally random player that I couldn’t see winning the event even if he was the only person in the field.

Since Americans are known for only caring about money I will focus on the Euros vying for a spot on the Ryder Cup team, Paul Casey is starting to come around, T-26 last week and top 20 stats in driving accuracy, distance and greens in reg. Poulter needs to step up and win in America look for him to be there on the weekend. Freddy Jacobson another Swede, not portly like Pettersson but also a possible homersexual, could do well on this track as he makes the push for the Ryder Cup squad. As for Americans I can see caring and have a chance, Justin Leonard usually plays well on classic style courses, this is one, so he might. JB Holmes can play, he proved it for three rounds at the PGA he then was seen after the last round throwing his poop stained pants away behind the clubhouse but he could contend. Ben Curtis is also looking to follow up his recent stint of good play and I see him as a lock for no worse that T-20 this week. As for the winner, I gotta go with my horse Anthony Kim, but its close I think Paul Casey will be there, Kim is rock solid and cares about winning. GO ANTHONY GO, seriously I need a brake here, just win damn you.

There you have it, most likely we are looking at a decent look back and preview going forward sprinkled with absolutely shitty picks in the middle, great…



WWWWWW said...

I'm going to do something shocking here and predict a Sergio win.

I think there's something wrong with me. More than usual, I mean.

Are you Shane?

r. antoney said...

God this blog sucks. Not only does WWWWWW only give us one post a week, but he doesn't even keep the information on the ticker up top up to date. Brian Bass was optioned to the minors when Casilla was activated yesterday. I guess that's technically different from cutting him, but we all know you just wanted him off the major league roster. Try and keep up retard.

WWWWWW said...

Thanks for reading!

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