Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome to Boston

I’m writing this on the plane, and thus far things have been rather uneventful, with the exception of having to wake up at 4:30 am which is always an adventure.  We arrived at the airport without incident, and upon check-in the Old Man found out we were heading to Boston and confessed he was convinced L.A. was our destination, so that was stellar.  Unfortunately I had to inform him that although we were going to Fenway, we weren’t going to be seeing the Yankees vs. Red Sox (he had heard on the radio they were currently playing and had suspected that might be where we were headed).  It seems my father is yet another person who was fallen into the group delusion that watching the Yankees vs. Red Sox is the equivalent to seeing the Aurora Borealis located entirely within your kitchen.

We flew out on Sun Country and one major positive I was unaware of was we were given breakfast – sausage/egg/cheese mcmuffin (I of course removed the egg because I am not some savage who eats fake eggs that are probably made from recycled Styrofoam peanuts and food coloring.  I also just had to ask Snacks how to spell Styrofoam.  I had it as styrophome   I’m so dumb just like you.  Anyway, breakfast was delicious.  So while Delta has cut back to the point where they don’t even offer you peanuts or pretzels, Sun Country is giving out a nice hot meal.  That was a nice surprise.  Not quite as nice as finding out I still have Epic – Fath No More on my ipod, but nice all the same.

I also picked up Moneyball to read on the plane.  I hadn’t read it since it first came out and wanted to give it another go.  I forgot how enjoyable of a read it is.  If you haven’t read it and you like baseball or you like numbers or you are a nerd or some combination of all three you should pick it up.  Also you can stare at Brad Pitt on the cover since he’s playing Beane in the movie, so you got that going for you.  Meanwhile my dad’s over here refusing to read Game of Thrones, quitting after 3 chapters despite both of us telling him he’s got to keep going.  Yeah, that Sudoku sure is compelling stuff.

Oh, and as I post this from our room I can tell you it is the size of a regular person’s master bedroom and the two beds are no bigger than my daughter’s.  This should be fun.

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That video is awesome!