Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Ten Mini-Preview in Haiku

The Twins have officially crossed into unwatchable territory for me, so outside of a season wrap-up/next season outlook post upcoming you probably won't hear anything else from me on them this year.  I'm officially moving on to basketball, which means two things.

1.  I'm paying attention to recruiting.  So I know things pretty quickly like Adam Woodbury, who I mentioned in my last post on possible Gopher additions for 2012, chose Iowa over North Carolina and said "there really weren't any contenders outside the Hawkeyes because I'm terrified to leave my comfort zone to play for a winner."  I made the last part up, but that's probably what he told his friends.

2.  NCAA Conference Previews.  You know 'em, you remember 'em, you love 'em (or possibly you just skip over them but I don't care it's my blog so get bent).  I'll be doing one each Friday until the season starts, and will go with this schedule:

Early next week - C-USA (because I won't have it done for tomorrow)

Sept. 23rd - ATLANTIC 10
Sept 30th - BIG 12
Oct. 7th -   SEC
Oct 14th -  PAC 12
Oct. 21st -  ACC
Oct. 28th -  BIG EAST
Nov. 4th -   BIG TEN

I know, I know.  It's what you wait for all year.  Me too.  It's so close I can taste it.  And because I don't want to a complete tease, here's a little mini Big 10 preview - haiku style.  Because I'm classy like that.

McCamey now gone
All Illinois fans rejoice
Still no good point guard

Crean picks up Zeller
Talent level is rising
Still a ways from good

What a complete mess
Talent?  Maybe Basabe?
Oof.  Good luck to Fran.

Coach loves his chuckers
Hardaway has found a home
Makes?  Who cares?  Just shoot.

Lucas is now gone
Can Draymond be the leader?
Great player.  Fat ass.

Ralph!  Get fired up!
Who in the hell plays point guard?
And who's next to leave?

Lack Husker knowledge.
I know they have some big dudes
Rejects from football?

Shurna is still there
to awkward things up again
Nerds everywhere!

Top notch freshman class
Craft and Buford could be stars.
Oh, Sullinger too.

Battle and friends?
Gone.  Cupboard is really quite bare.
Frazier good.  Who scores?

Big 3 now Big 1
Lew Jack can't be guarded, but
Can he hit a shot?

Taylor?  Amazing.
Who can help with no more Leuer?
Nerd white boys abound.


TRE said...

I know I was your haiku inspiration. Nice work.

Chucker Lover said...

I hope you're going to have an All-Chuckers team.