Friday, September 2, 2011

Snacks is a Dandy

1.  Check out this beer Snacks ordered last night.  I've never seen this before ever:

2.  Guess how many shirts Snacks packed for this trip, keeping in mind we're only out here 4 days.  I'll give you a hint - it's 15.  Fifteen shirts.  And they all have collars.  Fancy boy.  Might as well be a Harvard man.  Which, we learned earlier today, means that he can't do math because all Harvard students are fancy dirty hippies who major in liberal arts and don't eat meat because they're misguided liked Super Sioux Fan.  Smart kids to go MIT.  Fact.

Heading to Fenway now.  Hopefully these tickets Snacks got from some site that isn't Stub Hub aren't printed on some sort of cracker.


snacks said...

That beer was deliciious!

SSF said...

What the fuck?!!!

Anonymous said...

Whats more gay? Snacks drink or white wine spritzer?