Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a Day

Favre comes back, Thome hits a blast to beat the Sox in the 10th, Mbakwe is going to be a Gopher, and little Benny arrives.  What a day.  Feels like the kind of day I should write a post about, but I've been at the hospital all day and I'm not Superman so no.

And I don't know how much I'll be able to post this week, so instead how about we discuss your ultimate Twins lineup, and let's limit this to the 80s and on.  I submit:

LF - Denard Span
C  - Joe Mauer
CF - Kirby Puckett
1B - Justin Morneau
DH - Kent Hrbek
RF - Torii Hunter
3B - Gary Gaetti
2B - Chuck Knoblauch
SS - Greg Gagne
RHP - Scott Erickson
LHP - Johan Santana
CL - Joe Nathan


Oh, and Benny has a message for you:

And that's a shoulder, pervs.


snacks said...

I'm assuming Span was thrown in as the all-time lead off guy specifically to get a rise out of me? I will not take the bait.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on little Benny. He already has the right approach in letting the world know how he feels.

WWWWWW said...

Who is a better leadoff hitter in Twins history?

Anonymous said...

Denard Span?? Is he even the best lead-off hitter on the current team????

rghrbek said...

Knobby was a better lead off hitter. Now he only batted lead off for about 4 years, but he was dominant.

Plus, Shane Mack was a better hitter and possibly fielder than span.

Also, how can you play Hrbek at DH over Morneau? Morneau has gotten better at first, but Hrbek was significantly better in the field.

Erickson? Over Blylevin? Heck Tappani might be better than Erickson.

snacks said...

As rgh noted, Knoblauch would make a better leadoff hitter than Span. (Check out how much Span's walks have decreased this year fyi). I'm sure there are others. But the biggest error is trying to say Span is one of the 3 best Twins outfielders of the last 25-30 years. I'd be surprised if he fits into the top 10.

WWWWWW said...

Span isn't one of the top 10 outfielders, but he was the best leadoff hitter I could remember on the spur of the moment. Did Knobby leadoff, I remember him as a two-hitter.

rghrbek said...

knobby did end up leading off. the strike shortened season he had 44 doubles when the stoppage began. He was projecting to have 64 doubles (the mlb record is 68 and the Twins record is 47, I think). Plus I think he had 50 stolen basses at that point.

Kate J said...

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. DWG! Congratulations Wonderbaby! Welcome baby Benny!

Enough positivity...

Span is nowhere near the best leadoff hitter in recent Twins history. I like the guy and all, but dang, DWG. Go sell crazy somewhere else, we're all full up here.

WWWWWW said...

Knoblauch played in 1,632 career games and led off in 1,290 of them.

In other words, I'm an idiot with a terrible, terrible memory.

DenardSpan said...

Lol @ picking me. You're so dumb.

WWWWWW said...

I see a lot of criticism, but I don't see a whole lot of other people putting their teams together.

You guys disappoint me.

Worst. Readers. Ever.

Siouxper Sioux Fan said...

You think little Benny is gonna have glasses like his old man? I can't wait to teach lil Dawger how to slap them off his face. Boom, roasted.

Congrats guys! :)

screech said...

Little Benny is practically guaranteed to be a nerd like his old man. He is also practically guaranteed to be little Dawger's boss some day, or, more likely, little Dawger's boss's boss. Before little Dawger gets laid off.

Knocked up Siouxper Sioux Fan said...

bahahaha...okay this even made me laugh! I didn't know that little Benny wanted to work for the NHL cause that is where little Dawger is gonna be in his career after 4 years with the Sioux of course. I won't let him dick out early like a little bitch.

Dawg said...

I will disagree with that statement since lil dawger will likely graduate college 8-9 years ahead of lil wwwww. a-o00000H!

snacks said...

Dawg - excellent comeback.

Siouxper Knocked up Sioux Fan said...

Boom, Roasted.

Anonymous said...

Are the Twins a better team without Justin Morneau?

Also, I thought someone was supposed to see to sterilizingyou two, god not another child we will have to pay for some day.

Anonymous said...

I would replace Erickson with Radke, Reardon for Nathan.

WWWWWW said...

Almost went with Reardon.

Also, I am on a semi-hiatus right now from posting. Things are not exactly going perfectly with the new arrival, who has yet to arrive at home due to some health issues.

I'll be back soon enough. Until then hopefully you guys can discuss things amongst yourselves. Topic: Gopher hoops:

Best athlete: Rico Tucker
Best overall player: Bobby Jackson
Best defender: Travarus Bennett
Best shooter: Blake Hoffarber
Best inside/outside threat: Mike Bauer
Biggest girl: Rick Rickert
Player I didn't appreciate in his time: Dusty Rychart
Biggest Disappointment: Antoine Broxsie
Best PG: Arriel McDonald
Best SG: Bobby Jackson
Best SF: Vince Grier
Best PF: Willie Burton
Best C: Joel Pryzbilla
Biggest ass: Kris Humphries
Biggest Improver: Eric Harris
Most stagnant player: Voshon Lenard
Best crunchtime player: Bobby Jackson
Best team:
PG - Arriel McDonald
SG - Bobby Jackson
SF - Travarus Bennett
PF - Willie Burton
C - Joel Pryzbilla


Dawg said...

I'm suprised your dim brain even has the capacity to tell your lungs to breath with a statement as stupid as "Are the Twins a better team without Morneau?"

Siouxfan said...

oh my god you are SO funny anonymous...hahaha...

Dawg said...

I would say biggest ass should go to Russ "Swift Bird" Archembault for blabbing all of Clem's dirty little secrets after getting kicked out of school.