Friday, June 4, 2010

Remember this Guy?

Remember Darius Smith, combo guard for the class of 2009 out of Illinois?  The Gophers were interested, offered, and at one point he actually said they were his lead school, and it was basically a toss-up between him and Cobbs.  Justin accepted first, filling up the roster, and Smith ended up at UCONN.

Now, with Cobbs gone, it's interesting because Smith is also transferring out of Connecticut.   He wasn't exactly a paragon of success with the Huskies, playing in just 19 of the team's 34 games and just seven conference games and scoring a grand total of 19 points all season, but I'm still intrigued.

He was ranked as the #12 point guard in the class and the #71 recruit overall in the final rankings from, and the scouting reports on him called him one of the best on-ball defenders in the class and made a huge run up the rankings with a big senior year.

He was a day away from signing with the Gophers last year (seriously, one single day from having him instead of Cobbs).  I would then assume that there would likely still be some interest on his part, and since Tubby liked him before I'd assume you would still like him now.  Add in the Gophers' pressing need for a point guard in 2011 and it makes too much sense to not happen.  Of course, that means it probably won't.

But maybe once, just this once, things that should happen actually will.

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