Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze

Who knew Patrick Swayze would rate his own post?  I wouldn't have guessed myself, but after his death today I couldn't help but give him his own space.  Also it's a hell of a lot harder to come up with five good Swayze movie roles than I would have thought, but for your sake I went ahead and plowed through.

Top 5 Patrick Swayze Movie Roles:.  
5.  Sam Wheat, Ghost.   Does this make me kind of gay?  Yeah, probably, but I'm ok with it.  It came out right as I was starting to notice girls for the first time, and if that pottery wheel scene didn't make your peenie say "huh?" then you were too young, too old, or too gay.  For years afterwards "unchained melody" by sent my heart all a twitter.  This is starting to get gayer and gayer so I'm just going to stop.  Also Whoopie Goldberg sucked, even back in this.  How did she ever get famous?

"I'm Henery the 8th I am!!  Henery the 8th I am, I am!!

4. Derek, Youngblood.  I don't really like hockey, like not even a little bit, but this was a pretty good movie, although I haven't seen it in quite some time.  The final confrontation between Youngblood and Racki is pretty chill-inducing, even though in real life fighting in hockey is pretty freaking stupid.  And I know that has nothing to do with Swayze but come on, tell me he's not the perfect mentor in this (other than Crash Davis).

"Thank god there is a sport for middle sized white guys."

3.  Jed, Red Dawn.  This is a movie I really, really need to re-watch.  It's been a long time, but I remember it being super awesome.  Maybe it's better left in the past?  I don't know.  All I know is that Jed kicks ass


2.  Bodhi, Point Break.  Thsi would be the #1 role of all-time for 99% of actors today, and is only #2 because the #1 pick is so freaking strong.  If you haven't seen this movie you need to go rent it right now.  Swayze, Keanu, Gary Busey, and Dr. Cox from Scrubs?  Toss in a suprisingly attractive Lori Petty and a plot that entertwines bank robbing and surfing and you have an all-time classic.  The way Swayze plays Bodhi totally playing Johnny Utah was oscar-worthy.  If only he could have played cancer the same way.  *sad head shake*

"I am an F....B...I....Agent!" 

1.  Dalton, Roadhouse.  If you disagree with this you're a pussy.  No joke.  I don't really like to use bad language like that, but there's really no way around it.  This movie was epic in so many ways.  From the gratuitous nudity (thank you very much both Kelly Lynch and Julie Michaels - who ended up becoming a stunt double, no lie), the awesome fight at the end between Dalton and the whole Wesley gang, especially the part where he rips out that dudes throat, to the full helpings of cheesiness.  Simply awesome.  I wish I owned it on DVD so I could watch it right now.

"You take the biggest guy in the world and shatter his knee cap, he'll drop like a stone." 

Words to live by.

That'll do it.  I really only love two of these roles but once you commit to doing a top five you can't just puss out at four, so I had to do what I had to do.  I also just learned they made a Roadhouse 2 and Jake Busey is in it.  Might be worth checking out.


Dawg said...

You go with Ghost but not Dirty Dancing? If you are secure enough to say you liked Ghost then why not recognize one of the most popular movies of the 80's? Pussy.

PS Did anybody (ihcg) catch Cuddyer hitting another worthless homerun last night. Just a 3 run bomb in the bottom of the 8th to tie the game.

PPS W thanks for the loophole to get back on DWG.

Snake said...

What about when he played one of the greatest action hero's of all time, Jack Crews. Black Dog is the most underrated Patricia movie of all time. You failed at this blog and life for not putting it top 5.

Dawger you have never been more gay for mentioning Dirty Dancing. I think you have been spending to much time with your roommate. Dirty Dancing???? FAG!

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with Snake on this one......ouch.

WWWWWW said...

I have actually never seen Dirty Dancing (or Black Dog). I remember the cover of Black Dog from my Blockbuster days, and knew he looked like a bad ass on it. I probably should have included it based on the cover alone.

I will have to rent Black Dog as a tribute to Swayze. I have no plans to rent Dirty Dancing.

WWWWWW said...

Oh, and welcome back Dawger. Glad to have you.

Dawg said...

I guess its gay that Swayze was the founding father of an underground dirty dancing club where the resort workers got stewed and then grinded all over eachother. I guess its also gay how Swayze had a new piece of resort trim every week. You're ignorant.

I'm sure a movie about truckers is way more interesting then that. Red neck! I hope you get rabbies from your squirel stew.

Snake said...

You can't defend being gay so don't try. You chose to be gay, it didn't choose you. We know you loved Too Wong Foo so save us from your review about how great it was!

PS. Squirrel is spelled with two R's city boy!

PSS. Black Dog is a hidden treasure.

Anonymous said...

I assume that DWG will be out of commission for awhile with the reports that...

Audrina Patridge can relax a little bit today -- because the guy she claims has been "stalking" her was arrested last night ... and he's still in the pokey.

wwwwww don't drop the soup!

Anonymous said...

soup or soap? hmm
guessing the above meant soap...

WWWWWW said...

Turns out they have wireless in the clink, so I'm good.

Anonymous said...

Outsiders, classic.