Monday, April 13, 2009

Observe and Report

Although this movie looks like a prequel to Paul Blart Mall Cop, this movie is dark, twisted and sick. I would compare it to Bad Santa meets Requiem for a Dream. O and R was written and directed by Jody Hill who is best known for his HBO comedy series Eastbound and Down (if you haven’t seen this then I am sad for you because you are likely too poor to afford HBO and you are probably currently reading this blog at the local library because you are too poor to afford a computer and internet).

Seth Rogen stars as Ronnie Barnhardt, a bipolar mall security guard who appears innocent and harmless but has inner demons that would rival Mike Tyson’s. His miserable life, love of firearms and delusional self importance proves to be as combustible as a gasoline soaked building waiting for a lit match. You really want this guy to catch a break because he is beyond pathetic. You soon realize it will never happen because he is crazier then a Brittany Spears/Gary Busey lovechild. Once you come to this realization you eventually just kick back and wait for the train wreck to occur.

Some central themes of the movie include: excessive violence, lots of full frontal male nudity, date-rape (?), illicit drug use, beating up cops, getting beat up by cops, child abuse, racism, handicapism, alcoholism and last but not least Anna Ferris’ smoking hot body.

If you are looking for a light hearted, feel good comedy then I would stay very far away from this film. Go rent Dane Cook and listen to his 20 minute bit about saying God bless you (actual Dane Cook bit). If you like to be shocked, surprised, disgusted and humiliated then you will enjoy Observe and Report.

I give this film 4 red rockets

0 Red Rockets = Cut your eyes out before watching it
1 Red Rocket = Wait for it on TBS
2 Red Rockets = Red Box/Netflix it
3 Red Rockets = Blockbuster it
4 Red Rockets = Get your ass to the theater ASAP and pony up the $10.00.


SSF said...

This is the first movie review of Dawgers that has'nt left me reaching for the nearest pair of kitchen shears to slit my wrists.
Good Job Dawg!

WWWWWW said...

I actually heard something similar on some review show this weekend, but they weren't as messed up in the head enough to like it and said not to bother.

I like to think I'm demented enough, plus anything with Anna Faris in it is good enough for me.

Miss Dawger said...

I left that movie going.....Dark Comedy?.... It seemed pretty normal to me. Then I realized that I am just too fucked up to notice how demented and sick it really was.
I was pretty proud of myself and I think Dawger was too.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this right. You are saying Dane Cook is funny now? Flip Flopper!

Anonymous said...

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