Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here's What Happened - 4/16/2009


1. Roy Halladay. Well it's not exactly impressive to shut down the Twins, but since Halladay is the first pitcher this year to get to three wins he deserves some mention. He's been very solid, if not spectacular, this season, with an ERA of 3.00 and a WHIP of 1.05, with 17 strikeouts in 19 innings. Plus I love the guy, so big thumbs up to Roy.

2. Joe Saunders. Yeah, he's pretty boring. Even the name is boring. But he's pitching really well this season, and kept it up last night, going 6 2/3rds against maybe the hottest team right now in Seattle, and giving up just three hits while allowing no runs as the Angels won 5-1. Saunders has been quality in all three starts so far this year, sporting a 2-1 record and an ERA of 2.18 and a WHIP of 0.92. I'd write more, but honestly I barely know who he is and he's so boring I just can't quite make the effort.

3. Mayim Bialik. Yes, I'm talking about TVs Blossom right here. I thought she had retired from acting, but last night on the TV show "Bones" (which I can't recommend more highly) Blossom showed up as a guest star and I must say was totally awesome. Of course, she was only on the screen for about a minute and her only line was "Please find who did this to my sister", but still. Blossom!

"Where has she been?", you probably are dying to know. Thankfully, I'm here to tell you. Since Blossom was canceled, Bialik attended UCLA where she obtained degrees in Neuroscience and Jewish studies, and completed her PHd in Neuroscience in 2008. Mega hot and a nerd? Sign me up. Blossom was awesome, and it's hard to believe it was only on for five years. And how hot was Six? Seriously.


1. The Minnesota Suck Twins. Oof. Sitting at 4-7 now, and a 2 games out of first, things have really not gone according to plan, particularly after going 1-3 against Toronto. Other than getting their asses beat by the fourth best team in the East, the season has been going horribly as well. The team ranks 20th in runs scored, and 28th in runs allowed. 28th in runs allowed. Mauer can fix some of the offensive issues when he comes back, but if the team is going to find it's way back into any kind of pennant race, the pitchers (other than Perkins) really need to get this turned around. And it once again looks like the bullpen is going to be an absolute mess (other than Nathan). Good lord it's like nothing has changed, except I think I might be bored already.

2. Boston Celtics. More specifically, Kevin Garnett's knee, which will keep him out of the first round of the playoffs, and maybe the entire thing. KG missed 25 games this year with the injury, and it was expected he would be back for the last few games of the regular season and then the playoffs, but alas, it is not to be. Now, with Pierce, Rondo, and Shuttlesworth, the Celtics still have a pretty good team, and were actually pretty successful when KG was out, going 18-7 this season, but also allowing 8 more points per game. And this isn't the regular season, it's the playoffs, and the competition is going to be much better. If KG can't come back at all, do you see any way they can make any kind of run with a front line of Kendrick Perkins, Big Baby Davis, and Leon Powe? Do you realize that this means Mikki Moore (#302 on the PER rankings I referenced yesterday) will be prominently involved? I'd say this makes a Cavs/Lakers final pretty much a lock - in fact I just checked and the line on those two teams being in the finals is now 11-10. That's insane.

3. Yankees bullpen. There isn't much sweeter than the sound of Yankee fans booing their own players, and, as it turns out, that can even be topped by the sound of Yankee fans booing their own players in the first game in their stupid new stadium. Yesterday was the opener for the new Yankee Stadium, and it started as a pretty good pitcher's duel between the Indians' Cliff Lee and C.C. Sabathia. And then the 7th inning happened. Cleveland put up a nine-spot in the seventh, destroying relievers Jose Veras and Damaso Marte in the process. Veras, who I had actually never heard of, actually was a pretty reliable reliever for the Yanks last season, but has been a complete disaster this season, putting up an ERA of 13.50 and a WHIP of 1.80 after giving up four baserunners and three earned runs without bothering to get an out. Marte, one of the more reliable relievers over the last eight seasons, put had only pitched a total of one inning before yesterday, which will make his six earned runs allowed in one inning rather difficult to overcome, making his season era a robust 27.00. Any time the Yankees fail it makes me smile, and failing in their big hullabaloo about the new stadium makes it even sweeter. Plus, Cliff Lee got the win, and he's on my fantasy team so that helps.

Sorry about the subpar effort, but I'm a little bit hungover this morning. I haven't actually decided what I'm going to do with these updates over the weekends, so I might be posting and I might not. Check back often.


snacks said...

Can we just agree that the stupid R.A. Dickey experiment was stupid and cut him and move on? I'd much rather see Duensing or any other idiot in AAA coming out of the bullpen. The guy has sucked everywhere he has pitched his entire career. But of course Gardenhire thinks he's a genius and that the knuckler will be so much more effective in the dome. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

racist honkey

Anonymous said...

What a second? Blossom was mega-hot? Are you f-ing high? She was butt ugly as a kid and is beyond ugly as an adult. She has been a character on Curb for a few years and plays a super fat, ugly, lesbian. Seriously, what is wrong with you????????

Anonymous said...

yeah WWWW..that pic is NOT of blossom. That was of her friend. She is fugly as shit. Get a clue.

The Todd Helton said...

That would be the character, Six, from Blossom.

Anonymous said...

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