Saturday, April 18, 2009


I can't believe she's already one year old!

(also: suck it, Kubel haters)


the todd said...

hey super sioux fan, what's with not showing up to wonderbaby's birthday party today? weak.

klinger said...

Hey the Todd, thanks for bailing on the Legion at like 10:30 so you could go home and get drunk by yourself and make random disparaging blog comments! Dickfor.

The Real The Todd said...

That was WWWWW trying to be funny. I was fast alseep last night by 11:00 in the middle of a food coma after the 3 pounds of tacos and 4 cupcakes I put down. I've shit 4 times today and it's still only 7:30!

WWWWWW said...

That wasn't me. I'd never try to pretend to be The Todd.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that SSF is not happy with the Todd calling her out. There is talk of fire, knives and baseball bats. Can you say dead man walking!

Dawg said...

WWWWWW - Maybe if you talked to your wife you would know that Soiux Fan was at a wedding in Owatonna with baby dawger and I was hanging gutters all fricking day. Happy b-day baby www.

PS I'm glad I didn't go. I heard Old Man W only bought a pony keg for your kids birthday. What a cheap ass. Next year he better make it a full one then I will think about showing up.

PPS Is there anyway to ban the John Doe from Colorado? That guy is a frickin' moron.

The Todd said...

I completely agree with Dawg. I didn't even get rid of my hangover headache and next thing I know, the pony keg is gone, BS.

Pretty sure Old Man W hates me. First he went off on me because the tap stopped working while I was trying to fill up a pitcher. I got it half full and said F it. Then he got his panties in a bundle and yelled some more because I took some macaroni and cheese. How am I supposed to know "it's for the kids?" There was no sign or anything. Pretty sure he also ripped my Horse playing abilities but by then I was too far into my cupcake sugar high to even notice.

The Todd said...

Hey Dawg, before you go calling other people morons, maybe we learn to spell SIOUX? Just an idea.

Dawg said...

Todd - Congrats on being able to identify spelling erros on a blog. I hope that helps you feel better about your miserable existence. Go back and look at my posts, I spell it different every time as an inside joke to rattle the cage of Super Sue Fan. Frickin' moron!

klinger said...

Hey the todd -

The wife and I had an over/under of 1 p.m. yesterday before you'd demolish the half a dozen cupcakes you took from the W b-day party. Whaddya got?

Lefty Snake said...

Looks like dawger thinks a set of $200 gutters is worth more than Baby W??? Sounds like the kind of friend you don't want drinking from your pony keg.

Dawger, save your cute little inside jokes for the pillow. This is a "sports" blog not a forum for you to show PDA to your lady friend. What has happened to you? I thought a weekend of lifer work would have put a little man back in your pants. Now this. I am ashamed for you right now.

Todd, Next time a keg stops working you need to pump that little handel on top. That puts pressure in the keg and makes more beer come out the tap. Its a good thing Old Man WWWWWW chewed your ass because I also saw your 1/2 pitcher blunder and was going to pounce until Old Man W beat me to the punch. I expected better beer etiquette from you. I am also ashamed of you right now.

Snacks, You looked sharp in that baby blue sweater vest on saturday. Don't let anyone tell you different! Bogart would have been jealous.

Just for the record. W also had one non-white person at his kids party. WWWWW is still a racist cracker though!

SSF said...

Yes I did in fact have a wedding in Owatonna this weekend. I had baby Dawg with me and there was no booze involved although they did have more then a pony keg for their party.
I heard the El Todd was pretty nervious to meet me and by this I was NOT surprised. If I ever meet you Todd I swear to God I will punch square in the face. I still think it was you that called my kid ugly.

WWWW I hope wonderbaby had a good bday! Sorry me and Grace couldnt make it.....Dawg had no excuse not to be there. haha

Helton is still a fag said...

Dawg, you calling me a moron is like Sioux fans talking about how sophisticated Grand Forks is.

Nobody cares about their opinion or yours.

Now go hang some more gutters.

Dawg said...

Go hang some more gutters??? You can't see it but I'm currently shaking my head in complete disgust over your crappy material.

PS Quit bringing up the fact that you are a partial season ticket holder. I go to roughly 8 Twins games a year, does that make me a partial season ticket holder also?

PPS Helton rules.

Die Todd Helton said...

Hey (you fill this in with some of you witty material that wows the masses daily). The season tix bit was in reponse to some jackass telling me to watch more than one game. So to prove a point, I provided evidence to make my case stronger that I have indeed, seen more than one game. Now if you want me to slow down and repeat taht here let me know. So that is a total of 2 times I mentioned it, I know that is a big number for ya to rap your head around so I apologize.

PS, You sure you are not shaking your head at your job, not me?