Monday, October 27, 2008

Rambling Sioux Fan Post + Additional Reader Content

Are you in the mood for a rambling, semi-incoherent post riddled with spelling mistakes? No, I'm not drunk again. It's time for an email from our favorite racist hockey female, Super Sioux Fan aka Momma Dawger. And if you manage to get through this whole thing, there's a video sent in by a DWG reader that is sure to annoy and horrify you. Anyway, here we go:


This weekend was pretty uneventful. Mostly because the Sioux had a by.... Yeah that is the only reason it was uneventful.

The Epic Gophers (that is what some guy at work called gopher hockey today...Epic) haha What a douche bag.
Anyways they shared a victory (Tie) with Sconnie on Friday night, then destroyed them on Saturday night.
In funny news Bemidji aka the worst team in the WCHA swept SCSU. That victory last weekend just isnt as sweet now is it gopher fans.
So as of now UofM is #1 in the WCHA and my Sioux are rockin #6. I believe we fell of the top 20 list according to Granted this is never a great way to start out the season it is pretty typical of us. We start out shitty and start playing hockey around christmas time. That is usually when the gophers start to win less games and barely make the playoffs.
So I guess it is just another rough start of the season for my Fighting Sioux.

The Sioux play Sconnie next weekend and I am predicting a split. I would say we will sweep them but I am realistic although it is by no means impossible. Maybe Ryan Duncan can get his head out of his ass and remember that he is a god damn Hoby Baker winner. But the chances of that are slim. Maybe Finley will start some sweet fights and kick some Sconnie ass.

Hopefully the Sioux sat at home and used this weekend off to think about they actions last weekend. It was the most embarrasing display of hockey ever played....well not counting the Gopher vs Holy Cross game of course :)

PS. No you guys will NEVER live that down.

Siouxfan OUT!

So there you go. Once again, I didn't bother to read it since it's about hockey, but she assures me it's awesome.

On to my other email, this one included a video and was sent in by Ryan M., who seems like a pretty awesome dude. I tried to come up with something clever to say about it, but it speaks for itself. It's a video for getting flu shots, something that is good, and they used the world's most annoying mascot, Goldy, something that is pure evil, so it's kind of a mixed message. Unless your message is to be really irritating. Or to say that you should get massive amounts of heroin injected into your blood stream by an oversized rodent.

You peoople should email more often. We could do a mailbag type deal, like the sports buy does but less bostony. Anyone? No? That's cool. I'm busy anyway.

P.S. I think Cole Hamels might be jesus.


Things that suck said...

Bemidji is in the WCHA???? I thought St. Cloud won on Saturday night??? WWWWWW what is going on here. Is moma dawger drinking with you at your house?

mama dawger said...

my source about the SCSU and Bemidgi game came from Snake. I dont watch dirt bag games like that.

mama dawger said...

And sorry I meant to put "Bemidgi worst team in the WORLD" not WCHA. But thanks for the correction!
No, I have not been drinking with W.

Ps. W I loved my intro. I actually laughed out loud at work and everyone looked at me like I was retarded or something.

Things That Suck said...

There a difference between Bemidji "killed" St. Cloud this weekend and Bemidji "swept" St.Cloud this weekend. Just like there is a difference between "By" and "Bye" ;) I really wish WWWWWW would pony up more and get snake back on staff, his hockey previews are the only reason I hang around this blog. Dawg, you really need to keep tabs on your lady, I really think her and WWWWW have been drinking together.

P.S. How can noodle arm Cole Hamels be Jesus if that title has been bestoyed on Alex Kangas. Quit ripping people off!

Super sioux fan said...

Hey "things that suck" aka Snake aka Douche. You gave me false information. If someone splits a series, even if it is 10-1 they didnt overall get Killed. God get your hockey lingo right. I guess that is a Gopher fan for ya. "oh yeah we won one game, yeah we Killed em"

PS. Snake is the Douche at work that said the gophers were "epic" haha

by or bye??? ;)

The Todd said...

Perhaps bi?

jimmy said...

Todd, your last post if more funny than you'll ever know.

Bear said...

We're winking now, really? Winking? ;)

P.S. If Kangas wasn't already nicknamed Jesus, Ness would be next in line. I think Hamels is somewhere down around 17th in line.

Bear said...

Jimmy, you can't do that to us, you need to elaborate.

super sioux fan said...

oh hahaha I am gay, oh that is so funny. But wait...I am a sioux fan which means I hate the gays..........and the ju's. (JU is how baby dawger spells it) because she is an awesome baby Sioux fan!!!

jimmy said...

Re-read the post - I didn't call you gay!

supersioux fan said...

Bi=semi gay

My bad you called me "semi-gay"

micky mantle said...

What's up with all this gay talk?

Anonymous said...

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