Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yep, another preview of another conference, and if you don't like it you can go straight to hell.

Losing Westbrook, Love, and Mbah a Moute would cripple most teams, or at least get them to slow down, but UCLA just reloads with the #1 recruiting class in the nation and takes aim at a fourth consecutive Final Four. Darren Collison and Josh Shipp are back, so the back court is solid. If that's not enough, they'll add Jrue Holliday (#2 Rivals 150), Jerime Anderson (#37), and Malcolm Lee (#47) to give them one of the best groups of guards in the country. There are a few questions in the front court, where they have depth in James Keefe, Michael Roll, and Alfred Aboya, but it remains to be seen if any of them have star power. The most likely breakout player in the front court is yet another freshman, either center J'Mison Morgan (#25) or forward Drew Gordon (#45). Even if none of those guys are a major talent, this team is loaded.

2. USC
OJ Mayo is gone to the Wolves Grizzlies, along with Davon Jefferson and Angelo Johnson, who cried when coach Tim Floyd said he couldn't guarantee a starting spot, but they are being replaced by maybe the top freshman in the country in wing Demar DeRozan, who could be the second most athletic player in the country behind Rico Tucker. Daniel Hackett was at times the Trojans best player, and he's back along with force inside Taj Gibson, so they'll be loaded in all areas. Plus, they have little Romeo, so that's nice.

3. Washington
Yes, Washington. The Huskies were a very talented team last year (wins over UCLA and Arizona) but just couldn't quite seem to put forth the consistent effort needed to grab an NCAA berth. With just three point floppy haired jesus Ryan Appleby gone from last season, they're in a great position this year. Jon Brockman is back to own the paint, and guards Quincy Pondexter and Justin Dentmon are top talents just waiting to break out (of course, they've been waiting for two years). One of their biggest weaknesses was point guard play, but incoming freshman Isaiah Thomas (not that one) is a top 100 recruit and should help.

4. Arizona State
It feels weird to put the Sun Devils this high on the list, but they're here for a reason, mainly James Harden deciding to return for his sophomore season. Harden can score from outside or in, and shoots a very high percentage for a guard. One of the best players in the conference. Nearly the entire team is back from last year's bubble reject, highlighted by center Jeff Pendergraph and guard Ty Abbott. If Jerren Shipp can improve to near the level of his brothers, they'll be that much more dangerous.

5. Arizona
First Brandon Jennings heads to Europe, then Lute Olson retires followed by three high level recruits for 2009 dropping out their commitments. It's been a tough offseason for the Wildcats, but they still have enough this season to be in the NCAA conversation, led by Chase Budinger and Jordan Hill. Budinger is an elite scorer, but is a little soft, and Hill is an absolute beast in the paint. The keys this season will be the play of point guard Nic Wise, without Jerryd Bayless to help out, as well as freshman center Jeff Withey (#36 Rivals), the only real big man option beyond Hill.

6. Washington State

I'm only putting them this high because their style of play is maddeningly annoying and will certainly get them a handful of wins against teams that get frustrated, but the Cougars are in a bit of trouble this season after losing Robbie Cowgill, Derrick Low, and Kyle Weaver. Aron Baynes is big and almost as fat as that dude from Santa Clara, but he's effective. Taylor Rochestie is back as well, and will be asked to score more with all that firepower gone from last year. The recruiting class is deep, if not overly talented, with Mychal Thompson's son Clay the only real standout (#51).

7. Cal
How do you replace Ryan Anderson and Devon Hardin? You don't, you mostly just cry. Second leading scorer Patrick Christopher is back, but it will be interesting to see how he does being the #1 guy instead of being back in the back. Point guard Jerome Randle is also back, but his assist/turnover ratio of 1.2 shows he needs a lot of polish. The Golden Bears really need Duke transfer Jamal Boykin to live up to his potential. Freshman guard DJ Seeley (#58) is a scorer.

8. Stanford
The Lopez twins both bolted, even though if he stayed this would have absolutely become Robin's team, and that's pretty much all the Cardinal talent. Guards Anthony Goods and Mitch Johnson are adequate, but that's all they are. Forward Lawrence Hill is probably their best player, but his numbers dropped massively from his sophomore to junior year. He'll need to recapture his form of two years ago for Stanford to be at all relevant.

9. Oregon
Major talent leaving, with Malik Hairston, Maarty Leunen, and Bryce Taylor all gone. A very solid recruiting class, highlighted by big man Michael Dunigan and wing Matthew Humphrey gives hope, but the scoring load will fall to little man Tajuan Porter. If you've seen him play, he's only 5-6 but makes up for it by chucking the ball from three every single time he touches it. Without those other scorers and their leadership, expect him to lead the nation in three point attempts and ill advised shots, and probably turnovers too (1.0 A/TO last year) making Scottie Reynolds look under control. Fat Gopher reject Josh Crittle is a freshman here too.

10. Oregon State
Isn't it about time to transfer Oregon State to the Big West or the the WCC or something? You could bring in Gonzaga, except they don't play football so that doesn't work. What about BYU or Boise State? Not coastal enough? I don't know then, but something needs to be done. The Beavers haven't been relevant since Corey Benjamin was there, and I'm not even sure they were relevant then, other than in the McDonald's All-American Dunk Contest, which Benjamin even lost to Lester Earl. This year's team? Um, well, they have two starters with the last name Tarver, Seth and Josh, so let's pretend they're Miles Tarver's brothers. Recruiting class? Ranked dead last in the Pac 10.


Bear said...

Ben Howland is a God. Do you remember when that incompetent buffoon Lavin would try to cover his ass by claiming that Bruin fans were living in a dream world for thinking that things could ever be anything close to what they once were, and that they should be more than happy to make it to the Sweet 16 every year?

A side note on Lavin, Dawg wanted the Gophers to hire that idiot when they were looking for a new coach.

WWWWWW said...

I would have to agree that Howland is doing a pretty ok job.

Anonymous said...

Good call dawg! I would take monson before lavin. Reason #2986 why dawg is a complete sports retard!

Dawg said...

Bear wanted that fat ass Majerus. The guy is 1 double burger away from the eternal foam party.

Bear - I don't remember the old school Bruins finishing 2nd place every year.

PS Anon-Snake at least I didn't name my kid after a guy with one nut (Kessel)or have a man crush on a black figure skater posing as a hockey player. The difference between Okposo and a figure skater is the figure skater isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. F-ing retard.

mama dawger aka The Boss of You said...

Pops aka Dawg- Your favorite hockey player last year was Okposo. What the crap are you talking about?

Dawg said...

My favorite player was rheumatoid boy aka Howe-sy. He was able to play DI hockey despite all of his achey joints. You would think the woman I live with would know who my favorit hockey player was.

Dawg's GOD said...

NO your favorite player "until okoposo until he left". And technically your favorite player was oshie.(because your a sioux fan at heart)

And you just like saying the name Howe-sy. Because you like to put SY at then end of everyones name.
for example:

yeah, your a dork. But I still want to be your live in girlfriend.

I AM funny said...

I mean "was" okoposo until he left.

Tiff a.k.a Anon-snake said...

Dawg, although I do think you are a sports retard I can not take credit for the previous post. Yes, I do have a man crush on Okposo. That is the difference between my favorite players in sports and yours. Mine have skill, talent and a future. Yours just suck, never amount to anything or get diseases that normally effect senior citizens.

Dawg said...

How much do professional Ice-Capade skaters make these days?

PS How's Mo Hargrow, your favorite gopher hoopster of all-time, doing these days? Last time I heard he was getting busted for stealing cars. Nice future.

you know who said...

ps dawg-
Pro ice skaters actually get paid more then pro hockey players.

pps- if you dont have time to email me, then how do you have time to post on dwg every 15 min????


Anonymous said...

Will you two retards find some other form of communication other than this message board.

than = comparing
then = a point in time or a point in order

WWWWWW said...

There's nothing else going on. Feel free to continue your slapfight here.

Also, Snake it would be great if you could write a hockey post this week.

Mama Dawger/Super Sioux Fan said...

Dawg kicked me off DWG indefinetly for "cyber stalking" him.

Bye DWG I will miss talking about hating jews and gopher hockey with you. Hopefully Dawg is as entertaining.

He will probably be dedicating more time to the blog as he will never be getting laid again!


Mama Dawger/Super Sioux Fan said...

Dawg kicked me off DWG indefinetly for "cyber stalking" him.

Bye DWG I will miss talking about hating jews and gopher hockey with you. Hopefully Dawg is as entertaining.

He will probably be dedicating more time to the blog as he will never be getting laid again!


Tiffany said...

WWWWWW, I will only start writing hockey previews if you promiss I can get laid again?

I will start up in a couple weeks. I am busy at work and killing animals right now.

Also, I am serious about getting laid. I like it when you are all greasy also so no showering up before we get together.

WWWWWW said...


And Super Sioux fan, Dawg has no authority here. You are reinstated.

Dawg said...

Mamma Dawger - I am very sorry for my actions, you are, of course, welcome to post on this blog whenever you want. Now please write us up a Sioux Fan style weekend hockey preview. I love you more than Woody Allen and Dusty Rychart combined.

Dawg said...

WWWWW - You sneaky f-er. How did you log in under my name?

PS How come you never discussed Mbwake's signing? Are we to assume that you have no opinion on the matter?

I personally believe that the guy has more backage then a Tiajuanna Tranny but I think under Tubby's guidance he will realize his potential and become an awesome low post presence.

WWWWWW said...

I have no idea what you're talking about.

And as far as Mbakwe, I don't really have much of an opinion, but if I had none it would be "underwhelmed."

Dawg II said...

You are right baby, I owe you an apology and I am prepared do it infront of the world! I want everyone to know how much I love you.

How much do I love my baby's moma???

I love you more than Randy Bush's slide in the 87 Series.....
I love you more than a Bobby Jackson finger roll.....
I love you more than the movie jumpers......
I love you more than pizza rolls.......
I love you more than I love kicking the hell out of Bogart in Madden 08 Madden.......
I love you more than I love Ron Gardenhires tight trimmed gotee.....
I just love you baby and I want you back on DWG. Please come back baby....please come back!

The Real Dawg said...

Thats all true other then Bush's slide, Bobby Jackson finger rolls, and Pizza Rolls.

Beating Bogart in Madden isn't as fun anymore since he took over as worst video game player of all-time.

bogart said...

Beating me once in the hundreds of games we played doesn't make me the worst video game player of all time ... or wait, maybe it does?

Dawg said...

I beat you twice last time I was in Chi-town.

But I'm sorry that I called you the worst video game player of all-time. That title without a doubt belongs to W since he didn't realize that you could change offensive formations on Madden.

WWWWWW said...

Yes, but if I had realized it I would have destroyed you both.

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