Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend Wrapup or Whatever

So some stuff happened this weekend.

- First off, Sergio Garcia won the Players at Sawgrass, beating little known Paul Goydos in a playoff. Goydos missed a par putt on 18 that would have won it, but a lot of people bogeyed that hole, so I wouldn't overly hold it against him. Goydos is featured prominently in the John Feinstein book, "Tales From Q School" which I can't recommend highly enough. If he could have held on, it would have been like a 16 seed winning in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Alas, it was not meant to be, and Sergio takes it down. Look for Garcia to end up winning his first major this year as well. I'm betting the British but the US Open or the PGA wouldn't surprise me.

- The Twins went 2-1 against the Red Sox a this weekend, including holding onto a 9-8 victory while waving around pretty pink bats on Sunday, despite Nathan's best efforts to give the game away. Of note was Craig Monroe's two homeruns. Also of note is that his mother's name is Marilyn. Yes, Marilyn Monroe. Not that one.

- In a shocking turn of events, Patrick Reusse actually wrote a good article. Of course, it's basically a beat writer style recap of the Twins game, and he's actually supposed to be an opinion columnist, but whatever, it's an improvement. Fear not, as Jim Souhan used Reussian logic in part of his article, wondering whether Gardenhire did a great managerial job in 2002. Using arguments like, "Corey Koskie is hurt now" and "Torii Hunter was bad then" and "Jacque Jones is bad now" to try to show Gardy got the most out of his players. I'm not going to break the whole thing down, but it is truly a dizzying mess and I'm actually pretty surprised it came out of Souhan rather than Reusse or Sid.

- A scandal has been uncovered involving former USC star OJ Mayo, who recently declared for the NBA draft. According to one of Mayo's former friends, Mayo received money and gifts including a flat screen TV for his dorm room. Allow me to speak for everyone when I say, "Well no shit." This story must have broken by the same guys who broke the "Barry Bonds used Steriods" story.

- Oh yeah, Nicky Punto is on the DL, which would normally be good news but it means we're going to see a whole lot more of Adam Everett than anyone could ever want to. Yes, I'm aware he hit a homerun Sunday night, but let's not pretend he's good when we all know he sucks dirty Dawg ass. By the by, that gives Everett 36 career homeruns, 9 more than Scott Stahoviak, about whom Bear once said, "he'll be a perennial 30 homerun hitter" and I'm not even kidding.

- My baby is the cutest baby ever. If you don't believe me, just look:

I asked her once what she thought of Delmon Young, whereupon she shat herself. So she's smart too.


Snake said...

Where did all the Kubel fans go??? Wha-wha-whaaaa!

WWWW, ask your daughter what she thinks about Kubel and I guarantee she gets a case of the #3's.

Young's problem is he doesn't swing enough. He needs to take less pitches and just chop away!

Really? Scott Stahoviak???

Bear said...

It's true. Although, in his defense, T.K. probably shattered his confidence, like he did with every other young player. Boy it's amazing how good of a manager T.K. was when he had lineup loaded full of great veterans.

I was actually quite surprised at Stahoviak's 96' season, it was actually decent, not great, decent.

Kubel who? I wrote on opening day that I loved Monroe and that he should get 500 AB.

Bear said...

P.S. Last night, John Miller said that Carlos "Rickey Henderson" Gomez was 3rd in MLB at swinging at the 1st pitch. Gardy must have forgotten to teach RH2 that the roll of the lead off man is to get on base.

P.P.S. Cust, .447 OBP, OPS+ 153, and according to, is only owned in 9.2% of fantasy baseball leagues.

WWWWWW said...

On the way into the office this morning, PA was giddy saying "Livan Hernandez has outpitched Johan this year." I haven't even bothered to look it up, but I'd be willing to wager the only thing Livan has him beat in is wins, which everybody but Dawger knows is not the best way to evaluate a pitcher.

Dawg said...

I wonder why only 9 % of fantasy owners bother having Cust on their squad.Lets take a look. Monroe is on 0% of fantasy rosters for comparison

Monroe's #'s in 70 TPA
4 HRs
13 RBI's
.537 SLG

Cust's #'s in 132 TPA
4 HR's
12 RBI's
.434 SLG

I guess their fantasy settings don't acknowledge OPS+.

Bottom line is that Jack Cust sucks worse then Rico Tucker. Maybe you should switch your man crush over to Emil Brown.