Thursday, May 1, 2008

Verdell Jones a Gopher?

According to (which sited KFAN and gopher illustrated) Verdell Jones will be committing to the U of M on Monday. If this is true then Tubby, then Tubby solidified the back court. The gophers will now have 2 true point guards which has probably never happened in the history of the program.

I'm not sure what exactly Tubby brings to the table that past gopher coaches lacked but this guy can recruit his tail off. Other top teams that were in the Verdell hunt include: Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona, Virginia, Souther Ill, Illinois and Tennessee. Plus he is doing all of this recruiting with his butt ugly kid Saul. Could you imagine if that ugly SOB walked into your living room and tried to persuade you to come to his school. Congrats again Tubby. You are the man.

He was regarded as the top ranked undecided point guard in the class of 2008.


snacks said...

I hope he's good. It would be nice to win a recruiting battle against some top schools, but I was kind of hoping to save the scholarship for another top guy in the '09 class. Hopefully Tubby thinks Jones can be better than Nolen and not just his backup, otherwise I think its a waste

WWWWWW said...

Good catch Dawger, and great news. Although it's tough to figure out exactly who he had offers from, both Indiana and Georgetown are confirmed as having offered him.

whogoofed said...

I think that Taylor is the recruiting stud who is really helping Tubby recruit. Tubby by himself is probably okay but I think he needs a top notch recruiting guy like Taylor to be on the staff.