Thursday, May 1, 2008

Verdell in Action

In honor of the alleged forthcoming Verdell Jones III signing with the Gophers, I present a video I found on this awesome new website called "Youtube." It is a matchup of former Arizona PG Jerryd Bayless vs. futuer Minnesota PG Verdell Jones. It's a year and a half old, but it still shows some things.

The main thing you can see from the video is just how awesome Jerryd Bayless was. The whole video is pretty much Bayless up until the 1 minute mark, then Verdell starts to get involved.

At the 1:29 mark you see Bayless go right by Verdell, in one of the only times in the video they go head to head. I have no idea if Verdell just didn't make the effort to try to stop Bayless, but if he did, there have to be some serious concerns about his defensive ability.

Right after that the video goes into a nice little back-and-forth between the two of them. Verdell shows a very nice mid-range game, which is a nice surprise considering one of the main knocks on his game is his perimeter shooting. Jones finished the game with 28 points and 8 assists in leading his team to victory. If you watch from 1:28 until 2:56, you'll see everything you need. The video really showcases his ability to score, and considering his strengths are said to be his ballhandling and passing ability, this really makes him look like a complete player.

I'm even more excited than I was already.


Bear said...

On a completely unrelated to college basketball note, did everyone see Jack Cust last night. Looks like somebody's getting warmed up.

4-4, HR, 2BB, reached base in all 6 PA to increase his OBP to .423.

Bogart, I think it's time to dig out your Cust bottle cooler.

Anonymous said...

Come out and watch some future gophers and the best spring/summer basketball has to offer in the state of minnesota next weekend 05/09-05/11,The sabes invitational at bloomington jefferson HS.

This is pulleys tournament and per ryan james, sounds like alot of top competition from the midwest will be there. Come watch RW, RWJR, and on of my personal favorites and a player to watch out for next year: Dylan Hale (this kid is the real deal).